Summer Bucket List Recap

It’s officially fall! Without a doubt my favorite season. But, before I jump boots first into fall, I need to recap my summer bucket list.

2014 Summer Bucket List

  • Take in some smooth jazz at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival.
    Sort of. I got a group of friends together and we ventured out for the last day of Jazz Fest. Of course, it’s an outdoor festival and storms decided to roll through that same night. Most of the shows got cancelled, so we only heard about 5 minutes of jazz. It was still a fun night out with friends, and that was the point!


  • Eat on the rooftop patio at Amore Victoria. 
    Check! Had a lovely happy hour on the rooftop with a dear friend.


  • Take a day trip to Stillwater.
    Fail – for now. I didn’t get there this summer, but I already have plans to go this fall, so just postponed.


  • Go see a show or movie at one of the Minneapolis Music & Movies in the park locations.
    Check! I did get to hear some music at Minnehaha Park. It wasn’t the jazz quartet that the website said it would be, but the drummer was pretty good.
    music in the park


  • Play mini golf.
    Check! Got to play on my favorite mini golf course in Myrtle Beach!
    mini golf


  • Go to a St. Paul Saints baseball game.
    Fail. Just didn’t get there.


  • Buy some fruits, veggies, and other fun stuff at the Minneapolis and St. Paul Farmers Markets.
    Check! And, made it to the Mill City Farmer’s Market! Bought some delicious veggies, beautiful flowers, and fun treats on each trip.

    Tulips from Mill City Farmers Market
    Tulips from Mill City Farmers Market
    St. Paul Farmers Market
    St. Paul Farmers Market
    Minneapolis Farmers Market
    Minneapolis Farmers Market


  • Spend a night at the drive-in.
    Fail. But, I made a solid effort. A friend and I had plans to go a couple weeks ago, but the movies weren’t very good. We decided to postpone until the next weekend only to find that the drive-in had closed for the season. Oh well, there’s always next year!


  • Eat something on a stick at the MN State Fair.
    Check! Got a lot of yummy food at the fair, but I made sure to get a pickle on a stick.

    Pickle on a Stick!
    Pickle on a Stick!
  • Walk around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.
    Check! Last Sunday morning, I made a trip to wander around the sculpture garden and take some pictures. It has beena couple years since I’ve been there. I saw a lot of sculptures that I had seen before, but also saw some new ones. Here are some pics. I was kind of obsessed with the wind chimes and snowman.

    "Front of Snowman"
    “Front of Snowman”
    47 wind chimes hanging in the trees. Beautiful sound!
    47 wind chimes hanging in the trees. Beautiful sound!


    bronze coat


I didn’t get to everything on my list, but I still had a great summer! I’m looking forward to a new season and new fun times.

What’s something fun you did this summer? What fun plans do you have for fall?


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