Looking Ahead and a Few Favorite Races

This post was inspired by Eventbrite. All opinions are my own. 

Now that the Garry Bjorklund Half is done, I’ve been looking ahead at the second half of the year and my upcoming races. My big thing will be my third half of the year at the end of October. It’s the Vancouver Half, and I’m super excited for this runcation (and hopefully another PR)! I’ll officially start training for that Aug. 1. I’ve got a 5K in August and a 10 mile and 10K  in the fall that will fit nicely in my training plan. I might keep an eye out for some other small 5Ks or fun races as well. Eventbrite’s local events page is a good place to find and sign up for races in your local area. I’ve also heard their event planning page is a great resource for organizing your own race or charity run.

Three of my four upcoming races will be new ones for me. I love trying out new races and experiencing different courses, but I also have some favorite races that I can’t help but do every year. One that I had done every year (until last year) was the Building Strength 5K. It was the first 5K I ever did, so it holds a special place in my heart. It’s a small 5K that benefits a great cause–I love those kinds of races. The energy at big races is exciting and a lot of them have charity partners, but I feel a little closer to the cause when I do the smaller community races. It feels good to do something I love while supporting organizations and people who are doing some good. I’m going to have to miss the Building Strength 5K again this year, but I really hope I can be back in 2017!

After the Building Strength 5K in 2012 - my first 5K!
After the Building Strength 5K in 2012 – my first 5K!

Another one of my favorite races I do every year is Goldy’s 10 mile. That was the first long distance race I ever did and as a Gopher alumni, I love running around campus and finishing on the 50 yard line of the football stadium. This race made me fall in love with the 10 mile distance. I’ve seen my time improve on this (hilly) course each year. It’s a great spring race to keep me running through the cold MN winters, too!

Goldy's 10 mile finish line
Goldy’s 10 mile 2013 (my first!)
Goldy’s 10 mile 2015

One more race favorite – the Turkey Trot in my hometown. My family and I have done this the last few years. They do the 2 mile walk and I do the 5 mile run. I love starting out Thanksgiving with a run. And you get a mini pumpkin pie!

Who needs a medal when there's pie?!
Who needs a medal when there’s pie?!

What races/events do you have for the 2nd half of 2016? What are some races you do every year?