TC Marathon Training – Week 4

I was looking forward to kicking up the training a notch in week 4. Last week was a cut-back week and the first couple weeks of training had been distances that I was used to running. Nice for easing into training, but I’m actually excited for the longer runs to start! Here’s what week 4 of training looked like.

Monday – rest day

I met a friend for dinner on Monday night. We checked out a newer restaurant in Minneapolis called Nighthawks. I had the Monday blue plate special – fried chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and a biscuit.  It was yummy! I’d definitely go back and try other stuff on the menu.


Tuesday – 3.18 mile run (9:46/mile pace)

I wasn’t planning for this run to be as fast as it was, but I felt good so I just went with it.

Wednesday – 3.02 mile run (10:03/mile pace)

I got up for a morning run since I had a work happy hour in the afternoon.

So pretty and peaceful
So pretty and peaceful

I was worried that my legs were going to be really tired after a tough run the night before, but they were surprisingly fresh when I started running. Got in a great 3 miles to start the day.

Thursday – 4.09 mile run (9:50/mile pace)

It was a little warm for this after-work run, but nothing too crazy. And I saw something on the river that I’d never seen before – a party barge! I’ve seen all kinds of boats cruising down the river, but never a true party barge. It was a good night for it, so I hope they had fun!


Friday – rest

I can cross the Twin Cities Jazz Fest off my summer bucket list! I got home from work and it started to rain. I had been hearing that a couple showers may roll through, but would clear quickly. I couldn’t help but be a little skeptical given that Jazz Fest was rained out the night I tried to go last year. But, by 7 p.m. the rain had passed and the weather was perfect.

jazzfest   jazzfest2

Got to hang out in the park and listen to a nice variety of jazz music. I am by no means a jazz aficionado, but I can absolutely appreciate the music and it was a lot of fun. Gonna have to go back next year.

Saturday – 9.03 mile run (9:59/mile pace)

I set an alarm to get myself up and out for my long run early to beat the heat. I almost made it out when I wanted to (I hit snooze a couple times). The air was still cool, but the sun was rising so I could feel some heat.

I set out for my 9 miles. My legs were sluggish and tired at first, but after about 2 miles they loosened up and I felt great for the rest of the run. I even held a slightly faster pace than I was expecting.

The rest of the day was about catching up with friends and meeting some new ones. Oh, and a nap. 🙂

Sunday – 3.29 mile walk

I met my sister for a walk on Sunday morning for my cross training. We walked around a park/lake for a solid 1 hour walk.

On Sunday afternoon I met a friend for ice cream at Grand Ole Creamery and a stroll along Grand Ave. We walked about a mile and a half as we chatted and indulged in some delicious ice cream cones.



It was another great week of training. I feel ready for the double-digit miles to start next week. I’ll work that 10 mile run in around whatever 4th of July plans I come up with. Still don’t know what I’m doing!

Do you look forward to long runs? What are your 4th of July plans?


TC Marathon Training – Week 3

Week 3 as a step-back week in the training plan, so my long run for the week was shorter than usual. The runs during the week are starting to get a little longer though. I’m looking forward to picking things up again in week 4!

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3.03 mile run (10:04/mile pace)

I had to get up for a morning run since I had stuff going on after work. It was another great morning to be out for a run. Starting to get used to those!

In the evening, I met my mom and sister for dinner and then we went to Wine & Canvas. It was a Mother’s Day present and was a lot of fun. Here’s my final masterpiece.


Wednesday – 3 mile run (10:20/mile pace)

I did this run on the treadmill really quick before heading off to book club. Ok, I use the term book club loosely – it’s really more about a group of girls getting together to talk, drink wine and eat food. 🙂

Thursday – 4.05 mile run (9:55/mile pace)

It was kinda warm for this run and my route didn’t have much shade, but a nice breeze helped me knock out a decent pace!

Friday – rest

Saturday – 5.02 mile run (10:00/mile pace)

I headed out for my run at 11 a.m. It was starting to get pretty warm. Luckily, there was a nice breeze right in my face for the first half of my run and a decent amount of shade. The breeze wasn’t as strong on the way back, but I still felt good on the whole run. I was temped to keep going once I hit 5 miles, but stopped to stick to the training plan. Definitely going to have to make my self get moving earlier in the morning for these long runs as the summer goes on and the days get hotter.

Sunday – 35 minute elliptical; 20 minute walk

I hit the workout room in the morning for some solid cross training. It was nice out, but I wanted to do more than walk, so I stayed inside to get on the elliptical. I hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes after that just to get in a little extra workout.

My family got into town late morning and we celebrated Father’s Day. I was excited to give this cool book to my dad with quotes from famous coaches applied to fatherhood.


We headed to Minnehaha Park for the afternoon. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the park was packed with people, but we lucked out finding a picnic table to do some grilling! We had a nice lunch and walked around the park a little.

Overall, a nice low-key weekend!

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

TC Marathon Training – Week 2

Two weeks down, 16 to go! Here’s how week 2 of Twin Cities Marathon training shook out.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3.03 mile run (10:06/mile pace)

Tuesday’s run officially felt like summer. It was 89 degrees when I got home from work. I decided to brave the heat and do my 3 mile run outside. Figured I might as well get used to the warm weather for training. It was hot, but there was a bit of a breeze that helped and I made it through just fine.

week2 temp

Wednesday – 3 mile run (10:23/mile pace)

I had plans after work on Wednesday, so I made myself get up for a morning run. Worth it for this view!


Think my legs were still a bit tired after running the night before, but it was a beautiful and cool morning to be out.

Wednesday night was another St. Paul Saints game with friends. We enjoyed some yummy ballpark food and had a great night to watch some baseball. Well, really, it was more talking to each other than watching baseball, but still totally fun!


Thursday – 3.03 mile run (10:09/mile pace)

Friday – 7.04 mile run (10:08/mile pace)

I needed to do my long run a day early because of weekend plans, so I headed out for 7 miles after work. My legs were really tired and heavy at first. Probably from three straight days of running and no rest day. After about 2 miles my legs warmed up and things started to go smoother. In fact, holy negative splits!


Saturday – 3.27 mile walk (time: 58:33)

I got up early on Saturday and headed to the Flag Day 5k!

flag day 5k

I ended up walking this one with friends as cross training for the week. It was cool and cloudy, but the rain held out so it was actually a nice day for a walk. It was nice to be at the race again and support a great cause. They changed up the course from last year, so it was a bit more scenic rather. We were on a path rather than going through a more residential area. The volunteers along the course were super friendly. Still a small race, which is nice, but hope it can continue to grow each year.

Saturday afternoon was Hyedi’s baseball-themed baby shower! So lovely to shower her with gifts and more importantly love!

baby shower

Sunday – rest

Sunday was a much needed rest and relaxation day to get ready for week 3!

TC Marathon Training – Week 1

Marathon training is officially underway! One week down, 17 more to go before the 2015 Twin Cities Marathon. I’m following the Hal Higdon Novice 1 plan. I’ve followed several of his plans and they’ve prepared me well for other races. I like that there’s some flexibility built in where you can  move runs during the week since life can be busy and unpredictable. The really important thing is to get in the long runs.

The Novice 1 plan doesn’t have any speed work. It’s all about distance. There are 4 running days, 1 cross training day and 2 rest days each week. Every third week is a step back week.

Week 1 started off with mileage that was right on track with what I’ve been doing since Goldy’s 10 mile in April, so it has been a nice, easy start to training. Here’s how the week shook out.

Monday – Rest day

Mondays are a rest day in the training plan. It was a little weird for my first official day of training to be a rest day, but it worked with my schedule so I went with it.

Tuesday – 3.02 miles (10:07/mile pace)

Tuesday was my first official marathon training run!


Wednesday – 3 miles (10:10/mile pace)

It was a cloudy, rainy day so I ended up doing this run on the treadmill.

Thursday – 3.05 miles (9:54/mile pace)

Friday – 2.7 mile walk

I went out to lunch with a few co-workers on Friday to celebrate finishing up my Masters degree! Had an awesome braised beef eggs Benedict at Cook in St. Paul.


I knew Saturday would need to be a rest day, so decided to make Friday my cross training day. I kept it low key with a nice 45 minute walk. After that, I headed to Stillwater to hang with friends the night before their wedding.

Saturday – Rest day

Saturday was all about celebrating the wedding of a dear friend that I met the very first day of freshman year of college. It was a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding, and wonderful to spend the day with friends.


Sunday – 6.04 miles (10:08/mile pace)

I woke up fairly early and decided to get my run in before it got too hot. It was sunny and pretty warm. My legs were a little tired after walking around in heels the night before, but not as bad as I thought they would be.

The rest of the day was about relaxing and getting ready for week 2 of training.

How was your weekend? Has wedding season started for you?

Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis Recap

Yesterday was the Twin Cities Take Steps walk for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). It’s a fundraising event for CCFA and a great way to raise awareness. If the daily meds associated with ulcerative colitis weren’t enough of a reminder of the importance of the work CCFA does, I found out that a friend recently had some serious complications from Crohn’s. Had her in my thoughts today for a speedy recovery.


I helped get a team of fellow CC Connection people (a young professionals group for the CCFA MN/Dakotas Chapter) together for the walk.


I got there early to help with set up and the registration table. Then it was time to walk! The route was about 1.5 miles around Harriet Island.


They had music, games, food trucks, vendors handing out goodies, and an inflatable colon. Yes, you read that right. It was from MN Gastroenterology. Might sound weird, but Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis are inflammatory bowel diseases, so they affect the colon. It was actually very educational.


This is the first year I’ve been able to attend the walk, but it was a lot of fun and I hope I can make it more of an annual thing!