Run@Work Day 5K & Run: Twin K Race Recaps

Two races in one week! Well, I use the term “race” loosely. I didn’t actually race either of them, but rather treated them like regular training runs. This was made even easier given the fact that they were both free races. Yes, FREE! That doesn’t happen very often.

First up was the Run @ Work Day 5K. This is the second year I’ve done this race. I actually set my 5K PR at the race last year. The course starts and ends in front of the State Capitol and takes place during lunchtime. It was a beautiful day for a run.


Once we got started, I focused on trying to keep a comfortable pace on the hilly course. I had a few moments where I got caught up in the crowd and was running a bit faster than I needed to, but I got things back under control pretty quick. My goal was stay between 10-10:30 minute miles. My chip time was 30:57, so I’d say I did pretty good!

After the run, there were several tables for health care and fitness related organizations to hand out information and other swag.

runatwork swag

Walked away with some fun stuff and felt good about the run.

On Saturday morning, I got geared up for the Run: Twin K sponsored by Lululemon. It was a 14K (8.69 miles). I signed up for it because of the free registration, but also because it’s a nice distance to run two weeks before the TC Looney Challenge. I treated the race like my long run for the week and again had a goal of keeping a 10-10:30 min/mile pace.

run twin k

The course was an out and back on Summit Ave. It’s a beautiful street with big, old houses and lots of trees. The trees were awesome because they provided a lot of shade.

The first couple miles were a little rough. It was crowded at the beginning and my legs were a little tired, but not as bad as I thought they’d be after doing a 5K the day before. (I purposefully did the two races in two days to help prepare myself for running on tired legs during the Looney Challenge.) I think the rough part was mental. I wasn’t mentally thinking about running for 90 minutes and was thinking more about the 30 minute run I had done the day before. After a few miles, I started to settle into a groove and felt better – except for needing to pee. I hated to stop in the middle of the race, but when I saw a porta-potty near the halfway point, I took the opportunity. There were 5 or 6 people in line, so I had to wait a few minutes.

After that, I thought the second half was going to be smooth sailing. For awhile, it was. I had my GU at the turnaround spot and grabbed some water before heading back. The not-so-great part came when I got to the next water stop and they had run out of water. I’d taken water or Gatorade at each stop on the way out, but was still kind of wanting more. There was supposed to be one more stop on the course, so I hoped they’d have water when I got there. They didn’t. Okay, well at least there will be water at the finish – right? Ha, normally you’d be right, but they had run out of water there too and were “going to get more.” They had cups and there was a water fountain, so a super long line got started in front of that. I did finally get a glass of water. Kind of a bad race-day logistics fail. It would’ve been one thing to not provide water or provide limited water (especially since it was a free race), but they said in the Facebook event that there would be a water stop every 1.5 miles so you’d be “well hydrated.”

Not sure if I’d do the race again or not. It is free and a unique distance, but I’d probably bring my own water bottle – just in case. They did have volunteers along the course dressed up in goofy costumes that were sort of entertaining. At the end of the race, they gave out pint glasses.

pint glass

My chip time was 1:34:21, but that includes the bathroom stop. My RunKeeper time was 1:27:52 (10:14 min/mile avg pace). At least I met my goal!

I physically felt good about the race, but it wasn’t my best race mentally. It’s less than two weeks til the Looney Challenge, so hoping for some good runs — both physically and mentally — in the next couple weeks!

Have you ever done 2 races in a row? Have you run a race again even after a bad experience?


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