Goldy’s 10 Mile Race Recap

Third year of Goldy’s 10 mile was a success! And it was FINALLY good weather! The last two years I’ve done this race it has either been snowing or raining. This year was sunny and gorgeous.

I donned my favorite black running capris, a tech t-shirt, and my Team Challenge arm warmers. It was a little chilly before the race, but I knew I’d warm up quick once we got going.

I met up with Ashley and Hyedi for a quick pre-race selfie.


I stopped at the bathrooms before heading to the start line. The lines were super unorganized which was kind of disappointing. Feel like they need a different set up for next year.

In the start corral, I found the 10:00/mile pacer and lined up just behind her. I wanted to force myself to keep a comfortable pace for this race, so I figured I’d just try to keep her in front of me.

At 8 a.m. we were off. I found that I actually didn’t have to do a ton of weaving around people in that first half mile. Kind of a nice change compared to a lot of races. Even though this is my third year doing the race, they had to change the course so that made things more interesting. We weaved through campus and then headed toward the river and downtown Minneapolis. I kept the 10:00/mile pacer in front of me, but around mile 2 I lost her, so just tried to keep my nice, steady pace.

The new course still had some hills on it, but I felt prepared for them. The only part of the course I wasn’t crazy about was a section that brick road. It’s a bit uneven, so you kind of have to watch your step. I tried to run along the curb where the cement was smoother.

Before long we were on our way back to campus, and coming up on mile 8 I spotted the 10:00/mile pacer again! I kept up with her the rest of the way and even just passed her in the last stretch. I crossed the finish line in 1:39:23!


The medal was ginormous! Almost too big, actually, but it has a new home among my other bibs and medals.


After the race, I met up with friends and we headed out for a post-race breakfast. I pretty much devoured this plate of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and toast. So good!


All in all, a really good race and a nice way to build up a base before marathon training officially starts this summer!


Goldy’s 10 mile training – weeks 8-10

Okay, I failed miserably at posting about my training the last few weeks. Even though the race has come and gone, I thought I’d give a quick and dirty update until I get my race recap up.

Week 8

Monday – 3 mile run (10:20/mile pace)

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 45 minute elliptical

Thursday – rest day

Friday – 3.51 mile run (10/mile pace)

Saturday – 6.52 mile run (10:04/mile pace)

I got the day started with coffee and a bagel – the best way to start the day!

bagel coffee

I ended the day at the movies and saw Birdman. I hadn’t heard of the movie until award season. I actually really liked it!


Sunday – 1.33 mile walk and 35 minute elliptical


Week 9

Monday – 4.03 mile run (10:01/mile pace)

Tuesday & Wednesday – rest days

Not a bad thing that Wednesday was a rest day because a thunderstorm rolled through. I’m not complaining though, because I love storms! It was the first of the season, so of course I opened the blinds and watched the lightning for awhile.

lightning1 lightning2

Thursday – 4.01 mile run (10:12/mile pace)

Friday – 2 mile run, 10 min walk

I took my new running shoes out for a test drive!

new shoes

Saturday – 9.03 miles (10:05/mile pace)

A lovely long run on a gorgeous day to get ready for Goldy’s!

river run

Sunday – rest day


Week 10

Monday – 30 minute elliptical

This was a big day, not for running but for my other love: Duke basketball. Duke was playing the Wisconsin Badgers in the National Championship game. I’m originally from Wisconsin, but my allegiance will always be with Duke. And on this night, that worked in my favor. DUKE WON!


Jumping around my living room at the end of the game could be considered my second workout of the day. 😉

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 2.19 mile walk

Thursday – 3 mile run (10:20/mile pace)

It was a treadmill day. Man, I forgot how slow time goes by when running inside! So glad the weather is getting nicer and nicer for several months of outdoor running.


Friday – rest day

Saturday – RACE DAY!

What movies have you seen recently that are good? Anyone else get new running shoes in time for spring/summer running?