Life Updates

Sorry for the radio blog silence. Feels like life has been really busy lately, but needed a break from blogging. So, here are a five highlights to catch you up:

1. Still running! I actually have a race on Saturday – the Big Ten 10K. I’m hoping for a PR, but have been having some soreness in my shin lately. Recently got new shoes and am hoping that and some rest will help. So, we’ll see what my legs will let me do. I don’t want to overdo it because…

2. TC Looney Challenge training has officially begun! I’ve got a couple other races on the docket after Big Ten, but gearing up for the challenge is my main goal for the rest of the summer/fall.

3. Speaking of summer, I’m not doing too hot on my summer bucket list. I’ve checked a few things off, but I’m gonna have to kick it in high gear to get to all of them before Minnesota winter rears its ugly head. This rooftop happy hour was one thing I got to check off recently!


4. I found a new apartment! Getting ready to move has definitely been a big part of my busy life lately. Hate all the packing, cleaning, etc but I’m so excited to get in my new place!

5. Got a haircut to get ready for the second half of summer. 🙂


What have you been up to lately?


Weekend Recap and Summer Bucket List Update

It was a busy and fun weekend! I got home from work on Friday and went for a quick run (3.28 miles at 10:04 avg pace). Then I came back and got ready for a night out on the town. I met up with some friends at Masu for sushi.

Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned



This was actually the first time I’ve had a meal of just sushi. It was delicious! I’m definitely on the sushi bandwagon and can’t wait to try more.

After we filled up on sushi, we headed over to Honey to dance the night away. It was a party that was part of Pride Weekend in the Twin Cities. The DJs played some great dance music and kept us on the dance floor all night. Great way to work off the sushi. My feet hurt and I pretty much lost my voice, so you know it was a good night!

I slept in a little on Saturday morning and went for a short walk. I headed out to run some errands and saw some lovely dark clouds rolling in (please note my sarcasm). Normally I love a thunderstorm, but on Saturday night I wanted nothing to do with rain because I had plans to meet up with friends for the TC Jazz Festival. It was one of the things on my summer bucket list and I was really excited about it.

Unfortunately the rain and wind and lightning did roll in and cancelled the outdoor shows that night. 😦 There were a couple of venues that had indoor stages and we made our way to one of them, but by that time we wanted food and there was nowhere to sit. So, we listened to about 5 minutes of jazz and headed out to another nearby restaurant for some food.

Technically, I did make it to jazz fest, so I’m checking that off my summer bucket list, but I’ll be putting back on my list for next year so I can hopefully get the full experience!

On Sunday morning I went for a 5.79 mile run (10:23 avg pace). The sun was out, and I was concerned it would be too hot, but a breeze actually made it pretty comfortable to run for an hour. In the afternoon I ran a couple errands and couldn’t resist getting a mini s’mores blizzard for a sweet treat.


For my summer bucket list, I’ve crossed off the TC Jazz Festival and I’ve made it to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market.


Still gotta make it over to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. I can’t believe July is here! I gotta get going on the rest of my list!

How was your weekend? Did any of your plans get rained out?