Divas Half Marathon Training – Weeks 5 & 6

Ok, I’ve been really bad at blogging, so you’re getting another two-week update. The problem with blogging every two weeks is I forget details, so this might be pretty short. Anyway, here goes…

Week 5

Monday – 40 minute walk

Some easy cross training after a 7 mile run and tough spin class the weekend before.

Tuesday – 6.04 miles (9:38/mile)

This training plan has some longer weekday runs that remind me of marathon training. Maybe some good prep for the summer? 😉

Wednesday – 4.02 miles (9:39/mile)

Thursday – rest day

Book club was a good excuse for a rest day.

Friday – 31 minute elliptical

Saturday – 8.07 miles

Long run day! It was a cloudy, gray morning, but I headed to the lakes for my long run. I parked in my normal spot, but it turned out a 5K was happening that morning. I was a little nervous that I’d get blocked in with roads closing, but I didn’t feel like driving around to find something else, so I risked it.

I started off with a loop around Lake Harriet. It’s early enough that water fountains aren’t turned on in the public parks, so I make sure to have water in my car and made a pit stop after going around the lake.

After that, I headed over to Lake Calhoun for a lap around. Parts of the lake were pretty windy.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the lakes for a long run, and it felt really good.

Sunday – rest day

It’s a good thing I got in a nice long run on Saturday, but Sunday was all about brunch! I met some friends for a lovely meal and some impromptu shopping.

Biscuits and Gravy


The afternoon was busy with errands and running around town. I had every intention of doing some kind of short workout, but was exhausted when I got home, so I called it good and relaxed the rest of the evening. There was plenty of NCAA Basketball to watch. I was cheering on my Duke Blue Devils who ended up losing. Sad to see the season end. 😦 It also completely busted my bracket.

Week 6

Nothing very notable about these weekday runs. Overall, I’ve been feeling good. Still hoping I can push it during Goldy’s 10 mile in a couple of weeks and maybe PR.

Monday – 4.26 miles (9:25/mile) 

Tuesday – 6.15 miles (9:27/mile)

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 40 minute elliptical

Friday – 4.03 miles (9:31/mile) 

Saturday – 3.25 miles (9:15/mile)

It was a step-back week, so I had a 5K race on the plan instead of a long run. I didn’t do an actual race and just did a short run and a quick pace.

In the afternoon, a friend and I headed to a beer and BBQ event at a local brewery. I actually found some decent hush puppies in MN! They still don’t beat my favorites in South Carolina, but nice to know I can get something good to tide me over.


Sunday – 35 minute elliptical

This was technically supposed to be a rest day, but I felt like doing something, so I did some light cross-training.

Anyone have a bracket that’s not busted?


Divas Half Marathon Training – Week 3 & 4

Well, I came down with a head cold during week 3 of training and then had a busy week during week 4, so I haven’t been able to completely stick to my plan. I managed to get in some key runs/workouts, but hope to get back on track in week 5 (fingers crossed!).

Week 3

Monday – Rest day

My parents were in town for the evening, so I met up with them for dinner. I took them to Revival for some southern food in MN. I tried the burger and it was fantastic!

Tuesday – 3 miles (9:36/mile)

A quick run after work. I kept it short because I could feel a cold coming on.

Wednesday – Rest day

The cold had definitely hit by Wednesday, so I took the day off. Luckily, I actually had two rest days on my plan for this week, so worked out fairly well.

Thursday – 4.03 miles (9:26/mile)

The cold was still lingering, but it was better, so I headed out after work. I wasn’t sure how far I’d go, but felt good through 4 miles.

Friday – 40 minute elliptical 

Made this my cross training day since I skipped it earlier in the week.

Saturday – 6.02 miles (9:34/mile)

This was my long run for the week. It felt good to be out for almost an hour. Something about that amount of time makes it feel like a true long run.

In the afternoon, I did some shopping and picked up some new shoes!

Sunday – 4.28 miles (9:37/mile)

This was supposed to make up for the 5 mile run I skipped during the week. My legs just weren’t feeling the full 5 miles after several straight days of workouts.

Week 4

Monday – 40 minute walk

Kept the cross training light to let my legs recover a bit.

Tuesday – 3.5 miles (9:40/mile)

I had a meeting after work, so I got home a bit late. I ate a light dinner and then hopped on the treadmill to get in a run.

Wednesday – Rest day

Caught the MN Timberwolves game with the family! I typically don’t watch NBA, but it was actually a lot of fun watching them play. Got to see some former Duke basketball players on the court.

Thursday – 3 miles (9:40/mile)

Got up early and hit the treadmill for this run. I had friends over to my place after work and then we headed to the Science Museum to check out their Sportsology exhibit. We had some fun “racing” pro athletes, testing our reaction time and balance, and goofing off. 🙂

Friday – 3.83 miles (9:26/mile)

It was cold out, but I bundled up (or at least tried to) for an evening run. I think I was a bit under-dressed. Got so used to the warmer temps!

Saturday – 7.01 miles (9:40/mile)

It was cold again! Especially in the morning. I kept warm with some hot coffee and a couple of Girl Scout cookies for breakfast. Ok, that’s not the only thing I had for breakfast, but they were really good with coffee.

Luckily, I ended up being able to do my long run in the afternoon when it had warmed up a tad. I dressed better for this run, which helped.

Other parts of the day were filled in by watching conference basketball tournament games. My Gophers lost, but my Blue Devils won! So excited for March Madness to begin!

Sunday – 50 minute spin class

Daylight savings time made it pretty hard to get out of bed. But I had some motivation since I was meeting a friend for a spin class. I could feel some fatigue in my legs, but powered through the tough class.

Winter decided to make a comeback in the afternoon. So done with that white stuff.

Are you ready for spring? Who do you have winning the NCAA tournament?