Twin Cities Marathon Training – Weeks 16-18

Well, I’m way behind on updates. Sorry. It’s been a busy month!

The foot is…ok. It’s not worse, but it’s not totally better either. The past three weeks of training were heavy on cross training with a few short runs thrown in. My hope is the low impact and extra rest will keep the foot in good enough shape to get me through 26.2 miles.

I won’t give a day-bay-day account of training since I’m so far behind. Let’s give some weekly recaps instead.

Week 16

I got in a couple of 10 mile bike rides and a 30 minute elliptical workout during the week. My sis and I also headed to a MN Lynx WNBA game. They are pretty phenomenal athletes and really fun to watch!

The big event of the week, ok year, was that I closed on a new home! Excited for new adventures in home ownership.

On Friday, I went for a 3.1 mile run to test out the foot. It felt fine on the run, and felt great the rest of the weekend! Over the weekend, I headed up north to a friend’s wedding. We had gorgeous views of the lake from our cabin.

And we stopped at the iron mines on our way home.

I was exhausted by the time I got home on Sunday. I had high hopes of getting in a 2 hour workout to keep up my fitness. I ended up getting in 90 minutes on the stationary bike and elliptical. Not bad, but wished I could’ve done a little more.

Week 17

I did a short run on Tuesday morning since my foot had done so well over the weekend, but then it was sore later in the day. So, obviously not totally healed. My other workouts for the week were cross training.

Bike ride views

Over the weekend, I moved into my new home. Moving is a workout all its own. We were going almost non-stop from about 10 a.m. until about 4 p.m. It was exhausting, but so glad we got everything done. And my foot did just fine all day.

Week 18

In this final week before the marathon, I was continuing to try to be smart with my workouts. I did a 3.3 mile run on Tuesday and felt good on the run and the day after. I did a bike ride on Wednesday just to be safe. On Thursday, I did another 3.1 mile run and then had to go clean my old apartment. I felt good on the run, but noticed my foot getting a little sore after bending, twisting, squatting as I cleaned. I iced when I got home and decided I needed to just take it easy for the next couple of days to be ready for Sunday.

On Friday evening, I headed to the Health & Fitness Expo to pick up my packet and check out some of the vendors.

I could feel the energy walking around. I could also feel the nerves. I’m ready for Sunday to get here so I can just do this thing and stop thinking/agonizing about it.

I’m as ready as I can be, and just want to get out there and enjoy the race and celebrate the end of a 4+ months of training.

TC Marathon, here I come!


Twin Cities Marathon Training – Weeks 14 & 15

I had a vacation that fell in the middle of these two weeks, so I’ll have to catch you up on everything that’s been going on. Unfortunately, it’s not all good.

Week 14

Monday – 2.69 mile walk

I woke up still on a bit of a high after completing my 20 mile run. My Achilles was a bit tight and sore in the morning. It loosened up as the day went on, and Hyedi and I were able to get in a nice walk in the evening. It felt good to move my legs a bit.

Tuesday – rest

Technically, I had flag football practice, so I did do a little running. I was taking it easy because the field was a bit uneven and my legs were still recovering. I was tired when we were done and needed to pack for vacation, so I didn’t do any more running that night.

Wednesday – 4.12 miles (9:48/mile)

I went out for a morning run before needing to head to the airport. I was planning to do 5-6 miles. When I started out, I felt ok. My legs did not want to move very fast, so I resolved that this would be a slightly slower pace. Then somewhere around mile 2-3, I started to have some pain in my left foot. I kept going to see if it would go away. It didn’t. As I made my way closer to home, I realized I needed to cut this run short. The pain was more than I’m used to dealing with and did not feel like something I should run through.

I headed in and iced my foot a little before leaving. Walking through the airports wasn’t a lot of fun as my foot still hurt. By the evening, I was at the beach and hoping that a good night sleep would make my foot better.

Thursday – rest

The foot was a little better, but not enough where I felt comfortable running on it. I decided to take a rest day to see if that would help. Sitting on the beach with family was also a good excuse to take it easy.

Friday – 7.37 mile bike ride (36 minutes)

The foot was still a little iffy, so my sister and I hit the workout room and I did some cross training on a stationary bike.

Saturday – 7.1 mile bike ride (30 minutes)

One more day of cross training to give the foot a break.

Sunday – rest

I was supposed to do a 12 mile long run as a step-back week, but with the foot I figured I’d better skip that and keep resting it until I felt more confident that it was better.

All of these foot issues were not fun to deal with, but at least I was still soaking up the sun and enjoying some time in my happy place.

Week 15

Monday – 3.03 miles (9:57/mile) and 6 mile bike ride (25 minutes)

I decided to test out the foot on a short run. I did an easy 3 miles. It felt just fine during the run. Yay! I hit the workout room right after to get in a little bit more of a workout.

I was really happy that my foot held up ok on the run. It did good the rest of the day as well. I was really crossing my fingers that the time off had solved the problem.

Tuesday – 7 mile bike ride (30 minutes)

I got up and got myself ready to run. I even went outside and started warming up. As I was doing my dynamic stretching, I felt a little soreness in my foot. I was super tempted to just run and see how it did, but I decided it would be smarter to go with a low impact workout that day.

Wednesday – 4.77 mile run (10:01/mile)

I felt ready to attempt another run. I had 5 miles on my training plan for the day, so I thought I’d aim for something around 4-5 miles as long as my foot was feeling ok. My foot was feeling good as I got going. My legs were tired–my calves were tight for some reason–so pace was a little slow, but I was so happy to get through the run ok.

Later that afternoon, it ended up being a cloudy, rainy day so we went shopping. As we were walking around the outlet mall, I noticed my foot hurting. *Crap* I had been thinking about going to a doctor if my foot still didn’t seem like it was getting better and this pushed me over the edge to wanting to do that.

Thursday – 7.79 mile bike ride (35 minutes)

I had to say good-bye to the beach and travel home, but I was back early enough to get in a short workout on the stationary bike. My foot was feeling ok, but I wanted to take it easy.

Friday – rest

I had a doctor appointment in the morning for my foot. They did X-rays which didn’t show a stress reaction or stress fracture. That was good, but the doc said it could still be early, so something just isn’t showing up. He said and MRI is an option to see more. I’m giving it another week of rest/cross training before I think about going that route.

I’m working on finding some cross training things that will still help me keep up my fitness. I’ll keep biking and might try to do some pool running and swimming.

Saturday – 12.88 mile bike ride (1:10:08)

This was supposed to be the day I did my second 20 mile run. I woke up and it was 55 and sunny. An absolute perfect day for running. But, I was not running. I had already decided that attempting a 20 mile run would not be a good idea. I set out for a bike ride instead. My foot did fine, but my butt and hamstrings were sore afterwards–not used to that much time on a bike seat.

I was super frustrated and bummed that I couldn’t run. I have one 20 miler under my belt, but I had a goal of getting in two for this training cycle to hopefully help me be even more prepared for marathon day. I’m a little anxious thinking staying in shape for the big day without Hanging out with a cute kiddo in the afternoon while babysitting for friends helped brighten my mood. 🙂

Sunday – Flag football tournament

Sunday was the Touch of Football event benefiting the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. The flag football tournament took place at U.S. Bank Stadium, where the MN Vikings play. I was taking it really easy with my foot, and luckily had a very understanding team. We did A LOT better than last year and had a lot of fun for a good cause!

I am hoping and praying that some more rest and cross training will help me get to the marathon start line healthy enough to still have a good race.

How have you dealt with a running injury close to a race?