Divas Half Marathon Training – Week 7

This was a solid week of training! My training plan is definitely continuing to increase in intensity and mileage. I’m gearing up for Goldy’s 10 mile next weekend, so hopefully all of this work will lead to a good race day!

Monday – 4.78 miles (9:25/mile)

This run came after several straight days of workouts. My legs were feeling it when I started out–super tired and heavy. I resolved after half a mile that this run would be a STRUGGLE. Then after a mile, my legs started to warm up. I didn’t want to get too excited as I started mile 2 because I was running downhill, but surely enough my legs kept feeling better and I kept running faster. I ended up having some killer negative splits on this run!

Tuesday – rest

After that tough run, my legs needed a break. I had a Hello Fresh box delivered that day, so I hopped in the kitchen to make dinner. I made this salmon dish that we actually really good. I’m slowly acquiring a taste for salmon.

Wednesday – 7.01 miles (9:31/mile)

The legs felt pretty good after a rest day, and I was able to knock out the longer weekday run.

Thursday – 25 minute elliptical

I got home from work and made dinner. I considered taking an extra rest day, but ended up doing a quick elliptical workout to get something in.

Later that night I felt a little pain above my knee. Nothing constant or too bad. Wasn’t sure if it was a fluke or if I did something since it hadn’t been hurting when I was actually working out.

Friday – 3.76 miles (9:32/mile)

Walking up the stairs at work on Friday morning I felt a little pain above my knee again. I decided I’d keep an eye on it throughout the day. Going up some stairs at the end of the day didn’t bring any pain, so I tested it out with a run. No pain. (Phew!) Think it was a fluke and I must have just tweaked it weird at some point. If it comes back, I’ll take some extra time off.

Saturday – 50 minute spin class

I got up and met a friend for a morning spin class. I’m so glad to have these occasional spin classes for cross training! Great to change things up and work some different muscles.

It was a GORGEOUS spring day in Minnesota. I ran some errands in the afternoon and just had to get outside a little more before the sun went down. I grabbed my book and found a bench along the river to read for just a little bit to soak up the sun.

Sunday – 9.06 miles (9:30/mile)

Sunday run day! I got up early to get in my long run because I had a full day of Sunday fun day plans. My legs were tired in the first two miles. Not surprised after some tough workouts this week and the spin class the day before. By mile 3 I was warmed up and found my pace.

I showered up and headed out to meet a friend for yoga and a pint! It’s just what it sounds like: yoga in a brewery. The instructor is a lot of fun and the stretching felt great after my long run.

After class, we grabbed a couple of stools at the end of the bar and got our pint. Yoga, beer, and chatting with a friend is pretty much the perfect long run recovery!

After that, I was off to a LuLaRoe shopping party with some friends.

When I got home later, I made dinner and did a load of laundry. Definitely a go – go – go kind of day, but lots of fun stuff crammed in there. Happy to have a little time to put my feet up on the couch before another work week starts.


Vancouver Half Training – Week 9

We’re into October and the half is getting closer and closer! I felt like I got back on track with strength training last week. Hope I can keep it up this week.

Monday – 26 minute bike ride

I pulled my bike out of the garage (after years) and pumped up the tires. I’ve been wanting to do this forever and just haven’t done it. Thought it would be a nice cross-training alternative while the weather is still nice.

I took it out for a short ride to test it out. I went 3.82 miles. Then I came in and got my leg workout done.

Tuesday – 5.18 miles (9:40/mile)

Rain came through, so I was stuck with the treadmill for 5 miles. My legs were pretty tired for most of the run. Not as loose as the 5 miles I did on the treadmill the Friday before.

Wednesday – rest

I skipped a regular workout for some retail cardio (a.k.a. fall clothes shopping). Gotta get ready for the cool temps with some new sweaters!

Thursday – 7.02 miles (9:36/mile)

It was a beautiful day, but I was tired after work. I set out saying I’d do at least 6 miles since I got a little bit of a later start than I had planned. I managed to push it to 7 and felt good through the run.

Friday – 4.57 miles (9:40/mile)

I tried to get in a shorter, easy run since I skipped Wednesday, but didn’t want to do too much since Saturday was going to be a busy workout day.

Saturday – 30 minute spin class and 11.08 miles (9:34/mile)

Yep, you read that right. I got up and headed to a spin4 launch party at CycleBar on Saturday morning. (More on spin4 coming later this week!) Part of the event included a free 30-minute intro to cycle class. I didn’t pedal as hard as I normally would since I was trying to save my legs for my long run, but still had a great time in the class!


Later in the afternoon, I headed to the lakes for my long run. I started at Lake Harriet and did 2 laps around the lake before heading over to Lake Calhoun for a lap. I finished up the last mile on Lake Harriet.


I’m not used to doing my long run in the middle of the afternoon, but it went pretty well. My legs were definitely tired — I’m sure from cycling and from running on Thursday and Friday. Took a little bit to warm up and was tough in a few spots, but the nice weather helped me push through.

Sunday – rest

Well, it wasn’t a total rest day because we did a lot of walking and standing at the Ryder Cup!


I spent the day on the course with my family. We hung out at hole 4 and watched all 12 pairs come through during the match play. Then we wandered around to a couple other holes, grabbed food, and did a little shopping.


There were tons of people there! Getting back to the parking shuttles was insane with a sea of people, but it was worth it to be outside on a gorgeous day and witness the USA winning back the cup!


It was a long day, but a great way to cap off the week!

Are you a golf fan? Who’s ready for fall weather?

10 Mile Training – Week 9

Goldy’s 10 mile is officially one week away! Can’t believe it’s almost here. This week’s training was good except for missing my strength training again. Whoops.

Monday – Last bit of walking around Chicago

It was the day after the Shamrock Shuffle 8K. We walked to get breakfast and some popcorn, so a couple miles of easy walking was my workout for the day. Perfect after all of the other walking we did that weekend and the, of course, the race.

Wildberry 2

Chicago mix popcorn before leaving Chicago!
Chicago mix popcorn before leaving Chicago!

Tuesday – Rest day

After a busy and active weekend, I decided another rest day was needed.

Wednesday – 5.1 miles

It was a nice day, so I was able to head outside after work and get in a 5 mile run. I threw in some hills because I know the Goldy’s course is hilly. I felt good on the run had an  average pace of 10:24 per mile.

Thursday – Cross training, 30 minute elliptical

Friday – 2.5 miles

This was a quick Friday night run on the treadmill. I had intended to do 3 miles, but my legs were shot, so I stopped at 2.5 and called it a night.

Saturday – Cross training, 30 minutes on Cardio Strider and 25 minute walk

The Cardio Strider is a newer machine in our workout room. Very low impact, but you can get your heart rate up pretty good, so it’s nice for cross training days.

cardio strider 2

Sunday – 8.8 miles

Last long run before Goldy’s! I headed out to a local lake to get a change of scenery. The lake is still frozen, but the path was clear and it was a gorgeous day!

long run 2 4.6

I like doing long runs around the lake because I can park just off the path and make pit stops at my car after each lap for water. It’s just under 3 miles around the lake, and nice not to have to carry a water bottle.

The first lap around the lake was a little rough. My legs were tired and heavy. I was a little worried how the run would go, but was hoping that I just needed to get warmed up. By the time I started my second loop, my legs felt better and the rest of the run was pretty smooth. My average pace was 10:21/mile. Feeling pretty good about those 10 miles next weekend!

Long run 4.6   long run 3 4.6

I got home and drank half of a Core Power drink (banana) I had in the fridge. The rest of the day was errands, laundry, the standard Sunday afternoon happenings to get ready for the week ahead.

Core Power banana

How was your week of workouts? Do you like to carry a water bottle, or do you find other water options for long runs?

Something is Better than Nothing

Some days you just don’t feel like working out. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Even though I had a pretty low-key weekend, I woke up feeling really tired on Monday morning and was feeling even more tired after work. I think I’m still recovering from a couple busy weeks of working, traveling, and running.

I ran 2.93 miles on Saturday and 6.28 miles on Sunday, so when I looked at the half marathon training plan and saw that Monday said “strength and cross training (optional),” I was very tempted to forgo the cross training. I got home from work, put my stuff down and ran through my options in my head:

  • Option 1: change, make dinner, and lounge on the couch
  • Option 2: change, go workout, then make dinner and lounge on the couch

The inside of my heel had been bugging me a little after my long run on Sunday, so I knew I didn’t want to do anything high impact and wanting a rest day was a good excuse for going with option 1. But, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get a workout in tonight because of plans after work, so that pushed me towards option 2. I also knew that I had leftover pasta in the fridge, so dinner would be quick and easy after a workout. It literally felt like 100 degrees outside, but I couldn’t really use that as an excuse to not workout because I have access to a workout room and indoor pool. So, I was pretty much out of excuses for not working out and made the decision to throw on my bathing suit and swim some laps.

Just keep swimming :)
Just keep swimming

While it was only a 20 minute swim, I felt a lot better about doing something rather than nothing. It made relaxing and watching old episodes of Bones that much better. And I still got some strength training in while watching TV. 🙂

There are always excuses for not working out, but I’ve found that I usually regret the workout I didn’t do more than the workout I did do. Now that Ragnar and other races are done, I’m trying to really focus on the half marathon training and want to stick to the training schedule as much as possible so that I can have the best chance of achieving my goals. Sometimes doing something small is better than nothing to keep yourself on track and keep moving!

What motivates you to go workout when you just don’t feel like it?