Twin Cities Marathon Training – Week 8

I was feeling a tad deflated going into this week of training after a crappy 14 mile long run, but it ended up being a good week of training with a fun 5K thrown in!

Monday – rest

I tried to mentally and physically get ready for the week with this rest day.

Tuesday – 7.04 miles (9:36/mile)

Doing my longer weekday run early in the week worked out best for my schedule. I think it also helps keep my legs fresh for doing the long run on the weekend.

Wednesday – 3.3 miles (8:59/mile)

Check out my Torchlight 5K race recap for more details on this run. 🙂

Thursday – 4.06 miles (9:36/mile)

I did a quick run after work and then headed off to book club.

Friday – rest

Rest, rest, rest in preparation for Saturday’s long run.

Saturday – 15 miles (9:30/mile)

I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. so I could get my run started earlier to beat the heat. I got to the lakes by 7 a.m. I stepped out of the car and felt some decently cool air, but could feel the humidity. Luckily it was cloudy, so I didn’t have to deal with the sun. I was still a little anxious for this run, but tried to stay confident as I took off around the lakes.

My legs needed a couple of miles to get warmed up, but after that I was feeling good. Before I knew it, I was at 10 miles. I took one more loop around Lake Calhoun since there was a nice breeze before heading back to Lake Harriet to finish up. My legs were getting tired by the end, as they should, but I didn’t need to walk like I did the week before. It was such a confidence boost seeing my watch hit 15 miles and still feeling ok. I’m not sure what my mental state would’ve been like if I had another awful long run.

I was on a runner’s high and starving when I got done, so I popped over to the restaurant on the lake to get a bagel and iced coffee. I sat at a table and enjoyed my second breakfast of the day before heading home.

In the afternoon, I rested and then got ready to meet some friends from grad school and their kiddos for some play time at a park!

Sunday – 29 minute bike ride, 29 minute walk

I got up and met some friends at Lake Nokomis to go paddle boarding! It was my first time. I was honestly a little nervous I’d lose my balance and fall in the lake, but I got a hang of it pretty quick. It was a gorgeous morning and we had a great time!

After that, we were off to our monthly “brunch bunch” at a restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis. I had a yummy Florentine Benedict.

I did another bike ride and walk as my cross training for the week.

Next week is a step-back week, so I’ll try to use the time to rest up a little and get ready for the mileage to kick up another notch.


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