Twin Cities Marathon Training – Week 2

Week 2 is done. It started well, but didn’t end as I had hoped. In short, I’m not used to the heat yet.

Monday – 3.01 miles (9:38/mile)

Some nice, easy miles after a busy weekend.

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 5.02 miles (9:16/mile)

I was feeling good and wanted to push the pace a little on this run. I was hoping to do around a 9:20 avg pace and managed just under that! Great way to celebrate Global Running Day!

Thursday – 3.01 miles (9:38/mile)

My left knee was a bit sore on this run. Nothing super bad, but definitely not usual. I was glad the run didn’t need to be longer and noted to keep an eye on it.

Friday – rest

My sister, a friend and I met for dinner and then saw RENT! It’s my favorite musical, and I was so excited to see it again! It did not disappoint. Such a great production and a great ladies night out.

Saturday – 8.55 miles (10:02/mile)

The temperatures were rising late in the week and I knew Saturday was going to be a scorcher. Even after a semi-late night at the show, I made sure to get up fairly early to get in my long run. I headed out the door by 8 a.m. It was already pretty warm, but nothing insane. I carried water with me just in case.

It took a couple of miles for my legs to warm up. Things were starting to heat up more, but the first 3+ miles of my route were mostly downhill. On my way back up the hills, the heat and tiredness started creeping up on me. At the top of one of the hills (around mile 5), I resolved that I just needed to walk for about 90 seconds after getting a cold drink of water from a fountain. I started running again after that and made it about 2 more miles before needing to walk again. At that point, I pretty much resolved that the rest of this run was going to suck and I’d need to do some walking. I tried to go as far as I could. I was supposed to do 9 miles, but called it at 8.5.

Super frustrating to have a second hot, crappy long run. I know the heat was a huge factor, so will have to be a bit more planful with my timing in order to miss the heat, at least until I’m more used to it.

Luckily, after that run I had plans to meet friends for Yoga and a Pint. The stretching felt great, and sitting on the patio chatting with a beer was the mental break I needed to get over that run.

Later that afternoon, I headed to a friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and so nice to see friends so happy! We laughed, danced, and made s’mores at the s’mores bar!

Sunday – 35 minute elliptical and 25 minute walk

I slept in a little and then woke up to some bad storms rolling through. It was raining the rest of the morning, so a good excuse to do my cross training in the workout room on the elliptical and treadmill.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and doing the usual Sunday chores.

Here’s hoping for another good week of training and a better long run!


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