Don’t roll the dice – run safe!

This weekend, thousands of runners will be descending on Las Vegas to run the Strip at night for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. I ran this half in 2013 with Team Challenge and had a blast!

Finisher photo hi res asked if I had any tips for being active and staying safe while visiting the Strip. In honor of November being National Running Safety Month, I shared with them 7 safety tips for working out while traveling whether it’s for a race, vacation, or work.

  1. Double down: Run with a buddy 
    Besides the safety benefits, running with a friend can be a lot of fun! If you can’t run with a buddy, tell someone where you’re going and about how long you’ll be gone.
  2. See and be seen: Wear bright colors, reflective gear and/or a headlight
    As the days get shorter, we have more darkness than daylight to contend with. Make sure people can see you by wearing gear that have reflective elements built in, buying a reflective vest, and/or wearing a headlight.
  3. Cut the cards…and the headphones
    Even if you love rock ‘n roll, leave the headphones behind so you can stay alert to your surroundings.
  4. Drink up: Stay hydrated
    It can be easy to get dehydrated while traveling, so make sure to keep drinking water — especially if you’re drinking some other beverages as well. 😉
  5. Stay connected: Bring your phone
    If you get injured or just don’t feel safe, having your phone handy will allow you to make a quick call for help. It can also be nice for snapping a quick picture as you explore a new area!
  6. Have a game plan: Map out your route 
    Especially in an unfamiliar area, know where you plan to run ahead of time. And if you follow tip #5, you can always check a map on your phone if you make a wrong turn.
  7. Stay in: Hit the hotel gym
    It’s an easy, safe, convenient way to get in a workout while traveling.

lv blvd

Now go out, have fun (check out these Las Vegas deals), and run safe!


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