Vancouver Half Training – Week 11

I cut back on the running a little this week because my knee felt a tad sore. I opted for some low-impact cross training to give it a break. I’m thinking it’s because my shoes are starting to wear down. I just need them to get me through the half!

Monday – rest

I did a little bit of an arm workout that included some lunges and squats. That’s when I was feeling the sore knee, so I kept doing arm stuff but stopped the leg stuff.

Tuesday – 4.78 miles (9:26/mile)

I headed out to see how the knee was feeling. It was on and off when I would feel it. Nothing bad and not constant pain. Just a little tightness/soreness that I could feel. I iced it when I was done.

Wednesday – 40 minute elliptical

I decided to go low impact and hop on the elliptical. The knee felt fine on there. Still iced after just to be safe.

Thursday – 30 minute elliptical

Was super tempting to go outside for a run since it was nice out, but I was short on time before I needed to head to book club and figured another low impact day would be good.

Friday – 6 miles (9:33/mile)

I was good at first and then started to feel it a little around mile 2. It was on and off again. I kept going for the full 6 miles.

Saturday – rest

I normally love to run or workout on the weekends because my time is more flexible. This weekend it was nice to let myself sleep a little later and just relax in the morning. I headed out to Caribou to get a pumpkin pie latte and made myself breakfast. At noon, I headed to my sister’s place to meet up with her, our parents, grandma, uncle and this cutie!


We have a few October birthdays in the family, so we were doing some celebrating. We played some Uno (I lost), opened presents, and had cake. Then we headed out to dinner. I tried to head to bed at a decent hour so I could get up for my last long run before the half.

Sunday 12 miles (9:30/mile)

I decided to head to the lakes for my 12 miles. It was a nice, cool fall morning and the lakes were beautiful.


I headed around Lake Harriet first. I had my hand-held water bottle in my car, but was hoping I wouldn’t have to carry it if the water fountains were still on. I checked the fountain by Harriet and it was still on, so after I looped around the lake, I grabbed a drink there and headed to Calhoun.

My plan was to head up to Lake of Isles and then back to finish Calhoun. I got to the water fountain on Isles and it was turned off — crap. I didn’t stay on Isles for the full loop because I was already feeling a little thirsty and wanted to head back to where I knew I had water.


So, a bit of a runner fail for not carrying water with me. It’s that time of year where public restrooms and fountains are getting shut off. It all ended up working out and I finished up my run around Lake Harriet.

I was pleasantly surprised that my knee didn’t bother me like it had been. I told myself I’d cut it short if I was feeling it too much. I didn’t want to do anything stupid the week before my race. Luckily, I didn’t have to and had a solid run.

On Sunday afternoon, I went back to my sister’s place to carve pumpkins with her and a friend.


I made an emoji inspired pumpkin, too.


I’ve got a busy week ahead, which is ok because I’m planning to take it fairly easy on the running to rest up before the race. I can’t believe my 3rd half marathon of the year is just a week away!

What are some of your runner fails? (It’s ok, we all have them ;))


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