Vancouver Half Training – Week 10

It was a pretty standard week of training. I did some ab workouts a couple of days, but did not do great with other strength training last week. The longer weekday runs take more time which makes it hard to want to come in and spend another 20-30 minutes doing strength training. I’m trying to keep up with some of it, but I’ll have to hit it harder when this training cycle is done.

Monday – 27 minute bike ride (4.62 miles)

I hoped on my bike for a short ride as my cross training. Nice to take it easy after 11 miles the day before.

Tuesday – 5.02 miles (9:28/mile)

Wednesday – 7.42 miles (9:27/mile)

It was a gorgeous fall day, so I set out for my long weekday run. I took in the beauty of the river as I finished my run.


Thursday – 4.55 miles (9:39/mile)

I took it easy on this run knowing that I was racing on Saturday.

Friday – rest

Saturday – 6.49 miles (9:06/mile)

I was up before the sun and off to the TC 10K. It was a beautiful day for a fall race. Check out my race recap for more on how it went!


After the race I went home and showered and changed. Then I headed back to the capitol area to watch some friends’ kids to the toddler trot. It’s a super cute “race” for little kids that’s part of marathon weekend.

After that, it was the usual errands and weekend chores with some relaxation mixed in.

Sunday – 2.69 miles (9:19/mile) and 2.58 miles (9:33/mile)

It was Twin Cities Marathon day! I got up early to meet up with a friend and cheer on her husband who was running. We headed to mile 8 and saw him on the course. Then we headed over to mile 16 to see him again.


After that, we drove to the finish line and parked. Then we ran to mile 24 on the course. We stayed there for about an hour and waited for a few more people that we knew to come by. We cheered them on and then ran back to the finish line to meet up the marathon finishers.

It was a busy morning of spectating, but so nice out and so much fun! I definitely got marathon fever standing there watching the runners go by. I’m starting to more seriously think about when and where my next marathon will be.

But first things first, I need to focus on my upcoming half!

Anyone else have marathon fever? Or the urge to run a race of any distance?  


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