Women Run the Cities 10 Mile Race Recap

On Sunday morning I was up bright and early for race day! It was a rainy morning, so I kept checking the radar to see how long the rain was going to last and plan out what kind of gear I needed to bring. It wasn’t too cold and was humid, so I opted for capris and a t-shirt, but wore a hat to keep any rain off my face. I also threw a plastic poncho in my bag in case I wanted to wear it before the race started to stay relatively dry.

I got to the course about an hour before it started so I could park fairly close. I sat in my car for a while to stay dry and the light rain continued to roll through. It looked like it would pass not long after the race started, so at 8 a.m., I threw on my poncho and headed to the start. After hitting up the restroom, I headed to the corral. I lined up between the 9:00 and 10:00 pacers since I wanted to run somewhere around a 9:30 pace.


At 8:30 a.m., the horn blew and I tossed the poncho aside as I crossed the start. I had a good pace out of the gate — I usually do given the crowd and adrenaline. I could feel some tiredness in my legs after having a few running days in a row, but after a couple of miles they loosened up and I started to get in a groove.

The first 6ish miles were an out and back route. Near the turnaround point (about mile 4), you get some help from a nice, long downhill. Unfortunately, that means you have to run up that hill on your way back. I could feel the difference in pace, but kept pushing through to get up the hill.


I was keeping a good pace and took my Gu just after mile 5. I think it kicked in by mile 7 because my pace definitely picked up. My Garmin shows miles 7, 8, and 9 as 9:14, 9:16, and 9:10 respectively. As I got to the last mile, I kept up the pace and tried to kick in the last half mile. Mile 10 was 9:04!

I crossed the finish line in 1:34:55 — a new 10 mile PR!


As I walked down the finisher’s shoot, they handed me the biggest bottle of water I’ve ever gotten at the end of a race, 1 liter. They definitely wanted us to be hydrated!


Overall, it was a great race. The rain pushed through quickly and most of race was dry. The sun even came out from behind some clouds late in the race and it felt kind of steamy.

I’m excited for my 10K race coming up in a couple of weeks. I’m planning to race that one and go for another PR. Just a couple of weeks after that will be Vancouver!


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