Vancouver Half Training – Week 2

Week 2 of training is in the books! It was a good week. The mileage isn’t very high yet, so I’m just focusing on getting in my runs.

Monday – rest

Technically, I had 30 minutes of cross training on the plan for Monday. I had to walk to and from a meeting at work (about 10 minutes each way) and walked to dinner with my sister (about 10 minutes each way), so I used the short walks as justification for skipping a more formal workout. My body was a bit tired that day, so felt ok to take it a little easy.

Tuesday – 3.06 miles (9:37/mile pace)

Got in my run after work and spent the rest of the night watching the Olympics. I got in some foam rolling while watching the U.S. Gymnastics team finals. One of my favorite sports to watch during the Olympics! They are so amazing!


Wednesday – 3.03 miles (9:35/mile pace)

It was hot and humid and just plain gross out. The downside of summer running. But I got it done.

Thursday – 4.05 miles (9:24/mile pace)

This 4 mile pace run was actually on my plan for Wednesday, but I swapped it with the 3 mile run because of the weather. I went out aiming for a 9:20-9:30 pace and felt pretty good about hitting that for most of the run.

Friday – rest

Saturday – 3.1 miles (9:09/mile pace)

I had a 3 mile pace run on my plan, which worked out great because I was already registered for the Gopher to Badger 5K. A full race recap is coming, but I ended up running a bit faster than I planned, but felt good the whole way.


Saturday afternoon was spent with my family. We headed to Irish Fair MN (even though we’re about 0% Irish :)). It was a gorgeous day to be outside. We listened to some music, ate some food, watched Irish dancing, and enjoyed the sunshine.

bagpipes  irishfair

Sunday – 5.03 miles (9:32/mile pace)

I got up early to cheer on a few friends who were participating in the YWCA women’s triathlon. It was the first tri for a couple of them. So great to see them out there killing it on the course! So proud of them.


After cheering, I headed out to meet up with my family again for church and brunch to celebrate mom’s birthday. We wrapped up the afternoon with presents and a short walk with the dog before they headed home.

With lots of stuff going on throughout the day, I waited to do my long run until the evening. It was still a little steamy, but nowhere near as bad as earlier in the week. I tried to keep a nice, easy pace and still ended up going a little faster than planned. My legs were a little tired, but not as much as I thought they might be after a fast run the day before.

I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead of training. I actually like when mileage starts to get longer. And I’m looking forward to another week of Olympic coverage!

Thanks to Jessie for alerting me to her linkup with another Jess! Check out more weekly recap posts.

The Right Fits

What’s your favorite Olympic event to watch?


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