Garry Bjorklund Half Training – Week 11

This was the last big week of training before race day! The pre-race excitement has started already. I’m always a little more anxious for races I haven’t done before since I don’t really know what to expect, but I’ll have friends there who know their way around, so that helps.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 5

Run with Hyedi and Kate. After a tough 11 mile run on Sunday, I was hoping my Achilles/calf would be ok after a rest day. I was also wearing my new shoes. Luckily I only felt it a tiny bit at the start and then I was good to go!

Wednesday – 30 minute elliptical

It was a nice night, so I felt bad staying inside for a workout, but I wanted to do something low impact just to give my leg a break. Plus, I was short on time since I was headed to book club after. Felt good to get in a solid workout and then go eat some pizza on the grill and drink wine with friends.

Thursday – 3.05 miles (9:27/mile)

My Achilles was a little sore when I started out, but it warmed up fairly quickly.

Friday – rest

Saturday – 10.01 miles (9:35/mile)

It was going to be a hot day, so I got up early to get in my long run before it got too unbearable. I made it to the lakes by 7:30 a.m. I had 12 miles on my training plan, but I was planning to do less just to give myself a small taper before the race. I was hoping to get in 10, but was prepared to make it shorter if I needed to.

I started around Lake Harriet and was feeling pretty good. After one loop, I headed over to Lake Calhoun and made a pit stop at the Twin Cities in Motion water stop. They had a free station set up for people with water, Powerade, Clif shots and some goodies. I tried a little Powerade as a test in case I’d want some during race day (I normally just do water). I also grabbed this fun sticker and air freshener. I wasn’t done with my run yet, so I had to stuff them in my spibelt, but they held up!


I headed back to Lake Harriet for another lap around the lake to get to 10 miles. I could’ve done a couple more miles, but it seemed smarter to just go ahead and stop to save my legs.

The temperature was rising, so I decided to treat myself to some cold press after my run.


Sunday – 2.18 mile walk

I met my sister and a friend for breakfast at Colossal Cafe. Had some yummy biscuits and gravy (my favorite breakfast dish) and got to catch up while we ate al fresco.


My sister and I did a little shopping after breakfast and then I headed home for the afternoon. It was really nice, so I headed out for a walk to end the week.

I’ve been thinking about my goals for the race. My first goal is always just to finish and have a good time. My next goal is to get under 2:10. I was super close in New Orleans, so I know I can do it. My big goal is to run about a 9:30 pace. I’ve been doing it during training, so if conditions are good, I think all 3 goals are definitely achievable!


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