Garry Bjorklund Half Training – Week 8

It was a busy week with lots of eating out, but that also meant some fun meals with friends. Luckily, I had another good week of training to help burn off some of those calories. Balance, right?

Before I get into the past week, don’t forget to enter to win a free race entry for the Girls on the Run 5K on June 4! Check out this post for how to enter (deadline is midnight on 5/24). It’s going to be a great time, and you don’t want to miss it!

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 4.55 miles (9:38/mile)

Run with the girls. Kind of hard to believe we’re about 4 weeks out from the half already. I’ve heard such good things about this race that I’m getting excited for it to be here.

Wednesday – 1.44 mile walk

I had plans after work, so I knew I wasn’t going to be running, but I had time to take a walk over lunch with a colleague. It was a beautiful day and felt good to get outside for a little bit. I have a bad habit of just sitting at my desk for lunch and I need to do a better job of just taking even a 10 minute walk to get away for a little bit.

After work I met friends for a happy hour. We snagged a table in the patio area and ordered a beer and some food.


Book club ended up being the this same night, so I told them I would be late. After a long day I considered skipping it when I was leaving happy hour, but I ended up going and I’m glad I did. I hadn’t seen some of those ladies in awhile and it was nice to catch up!

Thursday – 3.11 miles (9:20/mile)

It was one of those days where I just didn’t have much energy all day, but I made myself go out for a run right after work. For having low energy I was surprised that my legs were wanting to keep a pretty fast pace.

After my run, I got cleaned up and headed out to meet a friend for dinner. We ate up some scratch-made pasta and delicious dessert!


Friday – 3.08 miles (9:48/mile)

I met Kate and Hyedi for lunch and got in a 15 minute walk to and from the restaurant. We feasted on some yummy pig (a.k.a. pork). I also had to try their hush puppies. Not as good as my South Carolina hush puppies, but not bad.


Since I skipped running on Wednesday, I went out for a few miles after work. My legs were definitely tired after such a hard run the day before.

Saturday – rest

I got up early and met Hyedi to volunteer at the Hope Walks & Rolls event for Faith’s Lodge. We helped with some set up and then worked the registration table. It was great to see about 500 people come out for the event and support this great cause.


Sunday – 10.01 miles (9:39/mile)

Hyedi and I planned to do this long run together. It was supposed to be a warm day, so we started at 7:30 a.m. to try and beat some of the heat. The air was cool, especially in the shade, but we could definitely feel the warmer temps even a couple miles in. My body got used to the heat fairly quickly.

I had a Gu with me, but I was feeling pretty good through 6 miles when I normally would’ve taken it, so I skipped it. By mile 8 I was regretting that decision. I was still keeping an ok pace, but I could feel my energy depleting. I felt great during my 9 mile run and didn’t need Gu, but I think the heat and slightly longer distance called for it. I’ll do the rest of my long runs with some fuel to be ready for race day.

After our run, we grabbed a sweet treat and a cold drink!


Do you use Gu (or other fuel) during long runs? What’s the best restaurant you’ve been to recently?


2 thoughts on “Garry Bjorklund Half Training – Week 8

    • Thanks! Yes, so much good food! Love getting to check out some of the restaurants on my list. And there are so many more to get to. 😉

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