Garry Bjorklund Half Training – Week 4

I’m getting back on track with my training plan and stuck to the schedule pretty closely this week.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3.61 miles (9:40/mile)

Run with Kate and Hyedi. My legs were tired and heavy the whole time. I feel like that happens sometimes after a rest day. It was also been an unusually long day at work which might have contributed.

Wednesday – 4 miles pace (9:33/mile)

My training plan has a pace run every other week. I set out wanting to at least do a 9:40 pace, but really hoping I could do closer to 9:30. I started out fast in mile 1, so I made myself slow down and tried to settle into a pace. I got closer in mile two and then found a good 9:30 pace for miles 3 and 4. My legs were tired by the end, but I felt pretty good on the run.


Thursday – 3.04 miles (9:54/mile)

It was sunny as I left work, so I was excited to get home and run. It started to get cloudy as I went and light rain was falling on me by the end, but it was a nice easy 3 miles.

Friday – 2.44 mile walk

It was Finisher Shirt Friday in MN, so I pulled out my TC Marathon finisher shirt from last fall to wear to work!


The sun was shining in the afternoon, so I headed out for a 40 minute walk after work. Then I had to pack and get ready for vacation!

Saturday – rest

VACATION! This was a travel and rest day. I got in around lunchtime and my mom and I promptly found a fruity drink.


I spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up the sun.

Sunday – 7.07 miles (9:51/mile)

I got up and headed out for my long run before 8 am. It was low- to mid 60s and sunny with a light wind and 85% humidity. Beautiful morning, but it was still a sweaty run.


Totally worth it considering the rest of my day had this view…



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