The Year of Half Marathons

2015 was the year of the marathon, but 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the half marathon. I have 3 halfs on my calendar for this year. I checked the first one off in New Orleans with a time of 2:10:22.


Next up is the Garry Bjorklund Half in June. Training officially starts tomorrow, though the first few weeks actually overlap with the end of training for Goldy’s 10 mile. My goal at this half is to get a sub 2:10 time. I know I’ve got it in me if conditions are decent on race day.

My 3rd half for the year randomly came about. I hadn’t planned for races beyond the first half of the year, so when a friend mentioned she was hoping to do the Vancouver Half Marathon in October and semi-jokingly asked if I wanted to do it with her, I started thinking. The timing will work out nicely because I’ll have more than a month after Garry Bjorklund before I have to start training again. It’s also a really great excuse to take a trip to visit my friend and see a couple of cities that I’ve never been to (I’ll get to see Seattle, too). So I told her I was in! We’re already registered for the race and are looking at the rest of our travel plans.

I’ve got some other shorter races planned as part of my training or ones that I just like to do every year, but 2016 is definitely being driven by the half marathon. The other funny thing about these races is all 3 are destination races, and Vancouver will be my first international race! Nothing better than getting to see a city by running 13.1 miles in it!

What distances are you running this year? Any destination races on your calendar?


4 thoughts on “The Year of Half Marathons

    • I’m so excited! My friend and I have never been, so if you have any recommendations for things to do/see or places to eat, let me know! Hope you’re doing well!

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