Girls on the Run 5K Race Recap

This past Saturday I ran the Girls on the Run Twin Cities 5K. It was such a great event! It’s so cool to see so many young girls having a good time and being excited about running. They had music, a “happy hair” and face painting before the race.

I registered as a running buddy, so I was paired with a girl to run the race with and encourage her along the way. I got there early to pick up my packet and found the school team my running buddy was on. The team literally gave their girls wings to wear for the race – so cool! They had extra, so I got to wear some too. 🙂


At 9 a.m. we all headed to the start line. When we crossed the line my buddy took off like a rocket! All I could do was hope I could keep up with her. I almost lost her at the beginning when we were weaving around all the people, but I eventually caught up.


I let my buddy set the pace, and she took the walk/run strategy. She did such a good job and never gave up even when she was pretty tired near the end. We got her to start running again as soon as we saw the finish line in the distance and she took of sprinting for a rock star finish! We did the 5K in 40:10 – pretty impressive for a 5th graders first 5K!

We collected our medals at the end and my buddy’s mom found us. Her mom thanked me for running with her daughter and gave me a big hug. It was so sweet!


I’ve heard nothing but good things about Girls on the Run, and getting to participate in this celebratory 5k reaffirmed that all of those opinions are right. It was a great morning and a wonderful opportunity to provide a fun, active, and positive atmosphere for some truly spectacular girls.

I hope the 5K entry winner had a great experience, too!

The rest of the weekend was full of cheering on the Gopher volleyball team who took down #1 seed Penn State and getting in a good 4.5 training run at Lake Nokomis for Team Challenge.



How was your weekend?

Disclosure: I received a free race entry and one to give away. All opinions are my own. 


3 thoughts on “Girls on the Run 5K Race Recap

  1. I know I’m a little late on the response, but I had a blast at the GOTR 5k!!!! 😃 I wasn’t registered as a buddy, just as a community runner, but the energy of the girls, their buddies, and the friends and families who came to watch was so motivating and positive. It was probably the most uplifting race I’ve ever done! It was awesome to see those girls working hard to do their best and work their hardest to accomplish their goal of finishing the race. I was so inspired by every single one of them 😊 And I loved cheering them on as I came across them on the course! Can’t wait to run another GOTR race!!

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