TC Marathon Training – Week 18

Well, spoiler alert: I’m a Marathoner!


I’ll have a race recap soon, but for now I’ll fill you in on the week leading up to the big day. It wasn’t full of a lot of running, but had some emotional ups and downs.

Monday – rest

This was the start of the emotional ups and downs of the week. If you live in the Twin Cities you probably heard about the protest drama, but if you don’t, let me fill you in. On Sunday night I heard that a group was planning a protest at the Twin Cities Marathon. They weren’t protesting anything having to do with the marathon, rather trying to bring attention to some alleged police brutality. Protesting at the marathon is one thing, but the group’s goal was to disrupt the marathon and stop runners from getting to the finish line.

We got word from race organizers that they knew about the planned protest and were working with city officials and police to make sure the course was safe for everyone. I had no doubt that they were doing all they could, under very difficult circumstances, to ensure a safe race, but the news still brought up a lot of questions and emotions. This was not the news I wanted to get the week before the race, but it meant there was still a week to (hopefully) get things figured out.

Tuesday – 4.02 miles (10:04/mile pace)

I got home from work and got in my 4 mile run. There were more stories about the protest throughout the day, but no solutions had been made. I was admittedly working through emotions of fear, anger and frustration at the idea of something stopping me from finishing my first marathon. But then I came to a realization that protest or no protest, it didn’t change my game plan for race day. I was going to show up to that start line with a smile on my face, butterflies in my stomach and my sheer love of running in my heart. I knew there were things I couldn’t control, but I could control what I did and I was going to run and enjoy the journey no matter what.

Wednesday – 3.1 miles (10:18/mile pace)

I got up early to run before work. I’ve come to like morning runs during training, but this one was different now that it’s fall in that it was still totally dark out when I needed to start. I don’t normally like running when it’s dark, but I wanted to get out in the cool air since it was similar to what they were forecasting for race day. I ventured out for 3 miles and took a couple of extra runner safety steps by wearing reflective clothing and leaving the headphones at home. I was treated to some pretty views on this run.

mile 1
mile 3

Thursday – 2 miles (10:10/mile pace)

I had to do one more morning run since I was hosting book club after work. I considered heading outside, but since it was such a short run and I wanted to save some time, I just hit the treadmill.

Around lunchtime, we got word that the mayor and the group planning the protest had met and came to a resolution where they would not disrupt the course! YAY! I could finally exhale and focus getting ready for Sunday.

Friday – rest

I met my sister and some friends to head to the expo on Friday night. They were picking up packets for races of their own.


I got my bib and picked up a few goodies for myself.

bib expogoodies

After the expo, I relaxed and headed to bed fairly early to get some rest.

Saturday – rest

I got up and headed to the finish line of the TC 5K to cheer on my sister and a couple of friends who were running races that morning. Then I ran to the grocery store and came back home to chill out for the afternoon.

I made sure I had all of my gear ready for the morning and prepped my race outfit.

marathon outfit

I met up with my parents and sister for a spaghetti dinner and to strategize where my parents would be spectating. I headed home to try and get some sleep, though I knew that would be tough with the pre-race nerves.

Sunday – 26.2 miles

More on that later!


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