TC Marathon Training – Weeks 14 & 15

Ok, trying to get caught up on the recaps! It’s been a busy couple of weeks with work which makes getting training done a bit tougher, but I’ve still managed to do a pretty good job of fitting it all in. I have still swapped a couple of runs for cross training to give the Achilles a break and continue to take care of it so it’s good on marathon day.

Week 14

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 4.03 miles (9:59/mile pace)

This was technically supposed to be a 5 mile run, but I started to feel my Achilles a little in mile 4 and it was just gross out. It was hot and humid. I got done running and it literally looked like I dumped a bucket of water on myself.


Wednesday – 4.01 miles (9:53/mile pace)

I met up with a friend for a run after work. The weather wasn’t as bad as the day before, but it was still pretty steamy. Despite that, we had a great time catching up on our run!

Thursday – 36 minute stationary bike

After a long work day, I decided to do cross training instead of a longer run.

Friday – 35 minute elliptical

I hopped on the elliptical for a quick workout after work.

Later that night, I headed out to meet some friends for a night of dancing at First Avenue. The theme of the music was “Forever Young” and they played all the classic 90s-2000s dance and hip hop songs. I’m talking NSYNC, Nelly, Beyonce and so many more.

Dancing could be counted as some cross training – right? 😉


Saturday – rest

Sunday – 3.07 miles (10:16/mile pace)

I had planned to do my 20 mile run on Sunday, but had been watching the weather because it kept changing and eventually said rain would be coming in early and it was supposed to be pretty hot and humid.

Sure enough, when I woke up before 6 a.m. it was storming. I waited it out and the rain finally let up, so I headed out (about an hour later than I wanted to) and drove to Lake Harriet. Of course it started raining again when I was halfway there. But, it had pretty much stopped when I arrived.

I decided to take a lap around Lake Harriet and see how it went. I could already feel the heat and humidity starting up and I wasn’t sure if 20 was going to happen, so I decided to keep it at 3 easy miles and postpone the 20 for the following day when the weather was supposed to be a lot better.

Week 15

Monday – 20.02 miles (10:06/mile pace)

Ah, the infamous 20 mile run. The longest training run in my plan. The game plan was to do 2 laps around each of the 3 lakes. I was feeling pretty good and confident as I got started at Lake Harriet. I made sure to start early to take advantage of the cooler morning temps. It was going to be warm that day but not as bad as the day before.


I did my usual loop around the lake and then made my way towards Lake Calhoun. I ran along Calhoin until I reached the path to Lake of the Isles and headed that way. As I made my first loop around this lake I could feel my Achilles a little, so I paid attention to make sure I wouldn’t need to head back early. By the time I got around once I wasn’t feeling it anymore and went into the second loop. This pic below is one of my favorite spots on Lake of the Isles since the path is right up by the water.


After 2 laps, I headed back to Calhoun to complete 2 laps there. At this point I was still doing pretty good. The end of the second lap was when I noticed that I was getting really tired. Of course, I still had about 5 miles to go. It was a little discouraging to be feeling like my legs were about done and knowing I had that far to go. When my legs have felt like that on other runs, I’ve usually only had like 2 miles left.


So now, it was a mental test. I had to do anything I could to keep myself distracted and just keep running.

I got back to Lake Harriet and was still struggling at mile 17.5 when I started chatting with a fellow runner who was doing the same pace as me. I came to refer to him as my running angel because of the boost our conversation had for me. The last mile I ran without him was still really tough, but I was determined to hit 20.

As soon as my watch beeped, exhaled, started to walk, and about broke into tears. I was surprised by how emotional I was. (Lord only knows what I’ll be like on marathon day!) I think it was a mix of pure relief to be done and sheer amazement that I actually conquered 20 miles.


I totally get what people mean when they talk about hitting the wall. I hope it’s not that bad on marathon day, but this was probably a good mental test.

Tuesday – rest 

Tuesday was all about rest, ice, compression, and elevation whenever I could to help my sore muscles!

Wednesday – 20 minute stationary bike and 25 minute elliptical

I needed to do a workout before work, so I opted for cross training to slowly ease back into running after the 20 mile run. I got in a solid 45 minutes to start the day.

Thursday – 35 minute walk

I had to get up really really early but it’s because I was going on vacation, so it was ok with me. I had a 2 hour layover and decided to use some of that time to get in a walk around the airport.

Friday – 8.16 miles (10:01/mile pace)

I got up early to beat the heat and was glad I did.


Saturday – 3 miles (10:00/mile pace)

It was a dreary, rainy day so I hit the workout room for a short run before we headed out to do some shopping.

Sunday – rest

It was a gorgeous day on the beach with the high around 80 degrees. We sat on the beach for awhile in the morning and the. Walked the couple blocked to an Irish Pub that had football on so we could watch the Packers and have lunch.


Then it was back to the beach for the rest of the day!


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