Running Angels

I know I’m behind a week on my recaps, so you’ll get a double recap soon. But in the meantime, I did want to share a unique experience I had during my big 20 mile run this past Monday.

I had a moment where I met what I’m calling a running angel. Around mile 15-16 of my 20 mile run, I was fading. I’m not gonna like–it was hard. I was already exhausted and my legs were about done, but I knew I still had 4-5 miles to go.

Around mile 17.5, I started running alongside a fellow runner. We were keeping the same pace, so naturally started talking. Turns out he was on mile 15 of his 20 mile run training for the Chicago Marathon. The last few miles were tough for him too, but as a 4-time marathoner he had some great words of advice and encouragement for a novice. He talked about good training advice he’s been given, how great the crowd support at the end of the TC Marathon is, and he said I seemed well prepared for my first marathon – he wished he had been as well prepared.

Given my recent aches and pains with my Achilles and having to skip a couple of runs, I’ve started to feel a little doubt creep in. That doubt started to get a bit louder as those last several miles were getting really hard. His words and encouragement couldn’t have come at a better time. We just ran about a mile together before our routes parted ways, but that mile provided a much-needed distraction. It also reminded me why I love runners. Amazing how a complete stranger can boost your confidence and help you push through a rough patch.

I’m grateful for each experience (good and bad) that I’ve had through this training process. They’ve made me stronger–physically and mentally–and taught me a lot about myself. It has been a blessing.

So, thank you to my running angel for showing up when I needed it most!


Do you believe in running angels?


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