TC Marathon Training – Week 13

Made it through another big run! Can check 18 miles off! Was a little nervous going into this run because my left Achilles has been bugging me on and off the last couple of weeks. I switched up a couple things last week because of it, but I think it paid off.

Not a ton to say (or show) about my workouts early in the week. Pretty standard and some great weather for running.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 5.03 miles (9:58/mile pace)

It was a gorgeous day for a run – 72 degrees and not a could in the sky!

Wednesday – 4.03 miles (9:56/mile pace)

Thursday – 9 miles 38 minute elliptical and 21 minute walk

So 9 miles was on the training plan, but with my Achilles acting up, I decided to skip the run and do cross-training instead. This decision was also helped by the fact that I had about a 10 hour work day and running 9 miles did not sound fun at all.

This is the first training run I’ve missed. It was hard to skip it as I get into these peak weeks, but I figured this is really the time to skip that run if I need to. I still have 5 weeks before the marathon and I don’t want to make what could be a small injury a big one by overdoing it.

Friday – rest

I took advantage of the rest day by running a bunch of errands after work and then having dinner with a friend.

publickandb dinner

Saturday – MN State Fair walking

I’m counting walking around the MN State Fair all afternoon as my cross-training for the week. I wore my good tennis shoes to have extra support.

We ate lots of food and wandered into a bunch of different buildings.


While I did get to eat something on a stick…

pronto pup

…I didn’t do a ride. I had put that on my Summer Bucket List. Not sure I’ll be going back to the fair, so that may have to wait til next year. I had a lot of fun hanging with my sister and friends though, so it was definitely another good year at the fair!

Sunday – 18.1 miles (10:06/mile pace)

My allergies kicked in hard-core on Saturday night after being outside and around dust, animals, etc. It took me a long time to fall asleep with a stuffed up nose, so getting up on Sunday to run was a little tough, but I made it to the lakes about 8 a.m.

Doing cross-training on Thursday meant I’d had 3 days of no running. I had been stretching and icing in the previous days as well. I was hoping that rest would help my Achilles and that I’d be able to get through this 18 mile run, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. One other thing I tried was some kinesiology tape. I’ve never used it before, but I know some people swear by it and I had a sample pack. I watched a video for how to put it on and figured I could always take it off it if bugged me. (Luckily it didn’t.)

I mentally prepared myself to start out slow with a lap around Lake Harriet and see how I was feeling. If it got around and it was really bad, I was gonna stop. I felt a little soreness/tightness as I got started but it went away fairly quick. My legs were a bit tired from walking a lot the day before, so the slow pace to begin was good. I got around the lake and was feeling good, so I made my way to Lake Calhoun to continue on. After eating a couple chomps around mile 4.5, my pace started to pick up.

I got back to Lake Harriet to finish up the last 5 miles. I did a loop (about 3 miles) and needed to just do part of the lake to finish. Those last 2 miles felt like they took twice as long as they really did. My legs were tired, but I powered through to finish the just over 3 hour run. Can’t believe I made it 18 miles!


As I walked back to my car, I took note of any odd aches or pains. I had the usual soreness, but my Achilles was actually doing ok.

I don’t know if it was the rest, the icing, the tape, or a combination of everything that helped it feel better. My plan this week is to continue to take it easy if I need to. Not sure yet if I’ll swap a run for cross-training or take an extra rest day, but I will if I have to. I’m aiming to do my 20 mile run this weekend, which is a week earlier than on the training plan, but I’ll be out of town the following week and didn’t really want to do 20 while on vacation. I will if I need to postpone it though – kind of nice to have that cushion, actually.

Can’t believe I’m in these peak weeks and it’s almost time to taper!

Have you ever dealt with Achilles issues? What’s your favorite thing to do/eat/see at a state or county fair?


4 thoughts on “TC Marathon Training – Week 13

  1. Nice job on the 18-miler!

    I severely strained my Achilles about five years ago and wound up in a walking boot. Not fun. I was glad it occurred after the State Fair as I love going to that. Always have to get cheese curds, Big Fat Bacon and a 1919 Root Beer float.

    • Yikes, sorry you had such a bad injury! Hope it’s all better now. I had some cheese curds at the fair this year and they were delicious as always!

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