TC Marathon Training – Week 8

Well, I can tell that my weekly mileage has increased to levels that I’ve never done before as I’ve experienced a common runner’s affliction — I have my first black toenail. Yes, gross to think about (and see, so use caution as you scroll down).

I felt a little pain in my right middle toe in the last week or two and saw the discoloration on my nail. I suspected it was a black toenail and did a little Googling just to make sure. Toenail issues are common for runners doing high-intensity workouts and those training for marathons.

It hurt a bit when I would touch the nail right after a run, but the pain would decrease as I rested. I was worried about my long run this week, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t bother me at all on my run and actually didn’t hurt afterwards either.

Now for the picture. Hey, trying to document all aspect of my first marathon training experience here folks!


Outside of the toenail stuff, it was another good week of training!

Monday – rest 

Tuesday – 6.07 mile run (9:55/mile pace)

The weather wasn’t as hot this week, so this 6 mile run was much better than last week’s.

Wednesday – 3.13 mile run (9:45/mile pace)

Thursday – 3.03 mile run (10:00/mile pace)

I dragged myself out of bed early for a good morning run before work.

After work I headed to a CherryBerry for a fundraiser for Camp Oasis – a summer camp put on by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation for kids living with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis. A portion of sales were getting donated to the camp so myself and other volunteers promoted the event to get as many people there as we could. I helped out the good cause by having some froyo for dinner!


Friday – rest

Saturday – 13.12 mile run (10:00/mile pace)

A half marathon was on the training schedule for this day. I was considering doing a half marathon race in a couple of weeks because I thought I’d want to do a race at some point during training. As this week approached, I realized I wasn’t missing races and was doing good in training mode. If I did the half marathon race, I would only need to do 10 miles this week. I figured I’d leave it up to how I felt once I hit 10 miles on this run. I could stop and register for the half, or continue on with the full 13.1 and just stick to the training plan instead of swapping weeks.

I made my way to the lakes for my long run again. I got there just before 8 a.m. The air was fairly cool, but I could feel the humidity already. I was thankful for the mostly shaded paths and the thin clouds that filtered out a bit of the sun.


I made it to 10 miles and despite the heat and humidity, I was feeling really good. I decided to do one more loop around Lake Harriet to finish up the 13.1 miles. When I got done, my shirt certainly showed evidence of the hot day, but I felt so good for completing the run!

sweaty  half

Sunday – 35 minute elliptical; 25 minute walk

I let myself sleep in a little on Sunday morning and then met a couple of friends for brunch on a patio. I had the Quiche Lorraine and roasted potatoes – delicious!


I stopped at the grocery and ended up being in a very productive mood when I got home. I went through my dresser and closet to find stuff to donate, did laundry, organized some mail and got in my cross training workout.

With another hot day, I was totally ok with hitting the workout room. I hopped on the elliptical for a solid 35 minute workout and then walked on the treadmill for a bit to get in a full hour workout.

Have you ever had a black toenail from running?


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