TC Marathon Training – Week 6

This week was another step-back week, so my long run was a bit shorter. Even though overall mileage was lower, I noticed that my pace appeared to be too. This was the first week where the average pace of all my runs was under 10 minutes per mile! Wasn’t aiming for that, so a pleasant surprise.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 5.05 mile run (9:56/mile pace)

It was a beautiful evening with temps in the 70s when I got home from work. I took the opportunity to get in my 5 mile run for the week.

Wednesday – 3.13 mile run ( 9:50/mile pace)

I got up for a morning run so I could meet some friends after work to check out a brewery – Bauhaus Brew Labs. We were able to sit outside on their patio and have a drink. There was a food truck parked out there too, so I grabbed a yummy pulled pork sandwich for dinner.

Bauhaus  Bauhaus2

Thursday – 3.13 mile run (9:53/mile pace)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 7.15 mile run (9:57/mile pace)

I got up early to beat the heat that was supposed to come later in the day. My original plan was to go to one of the lakes to do my 7 mile run, but the night before I realized a triathlon was going on there on Saturday morning. I decided to run closer to home instead.

Turned out to be a good 7 mile run. My refreshed running playlist helped keep it interesting. I added a few new songs and took off some old ones.


Sunday – 30 minute elliptical and 1.65 mile walk (30 minutes)

I got up Sunday morning and took a quick trip to the farmer’s market with a friend. When I got back, I heated up some leftover pancakes I had made the day before and watched the Men’s Wimbledon Final. I haven’t watched tennis in awhile and forgot how much I like it!

It was hot in the afternoon, so I did my cross training in the workout room — which was also pretty warm. Don think the A/C was working right.

Ever had a week with a faster pace than you expected? What are some of your favorite songs to run to?


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