TC Marathon Training – Week 5

Wow, the first month of training flew by! At this rate, the marathon will be here before I know it! Training continues to go well. I’ve managed to get in all of my training runs and stick to the plan. Can feel some soreness/tiredness in my legs every now and then, but no weird pain or injuries to worry about.

This past week was another good training week!

Monday – rest

I planned to meet a couple of friends for happy hour after work. We were going to try Hola Arepa. I’ve never been, but it’s been on my list for awhile. I pulled in the parking lot and my first thought was, “Awesome, I got a parking spot!” Then I realized the reason I had a spot was that the lot was empty. Something wasn’t right. I pulled out my phone and sure enough Hola Arepa is closed on Mondays. Whomp whomp.

My friends and I ended up across the street at Pat’s Tap and were able to sit outside and still enjoy our dinner. I had some yummy fish tacos.

Pat's Tap

Tuesday – 3.01 mile run (10:03/mile pace)

I got up for another morning run so I could meet Hyedi for a bite to eat after work and not have to worry about going home to run.

I couldn’t help taking another picture of the sun. It looked more like sunset than sunrise that morning!


Wednesday – 5.10 mile run (9:50/mile pace)

The temps were in the mid 70’s, so I was really excited to get in my 5 mile run after work. It was a great evening for a run. I wanted to keep my typical 10 min/mile pace and surprised myself with a slightly faster pace for the whole run. I was pushing it a little, but felt good overall.


Thursday – rest

I was really tired and hungry after work, so I decided to make it my rest day and cook myself some dinner. A co-worker gave me some fresh cilantro, so I was craving some Fiesta Lime Rice. It’s a really easy and light recipe.


Friday – 3.04 mile run (10:12/mile pace)

Got in the 3 mile run that I skipped the day before. Tried to take it easy knowing I had a long run coming the next morning.

Saturday – 10.03 mile run (10:03/mile pace)

I made myself get up early so I could run while it was still cool and be ready to hang with some friends in the afternoon. I headed to Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun for this run.

I started with a lap around Lake Harriet. My legs were a bit tired at first, but warmed up after a couple miles. I’m usually pretty good about getting in the right mental state before a long run. I wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind when I started running, so it felt like the first 2-3 miles took awhile. But once I got around the lake and headed towards Lake Calhoun I was in a better mental state for doing 7 more miles. After about 5 miles, I had some Gu and the extra fuel definitely helped me pick up my pace for the second half of my run.

I got around Calhoun and made my way back to Harriet for one more lap around to complete my run. My legs were tired by the last mile and I was ready to be done when I hit 10 miles, but it was a good run overall and a heck of a way to kick off my Fourth of July!


Sunday – 30 minute elliptical and 2 mile walk (34 minutes)

Elliptical and a walk outside for some cross training to end the week.

What did you do for the 4th of July?


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