Much needed vacation

I got to spend the last week on a much needed vacation. Nothing better than kicking off the summer season with some family time at the beach. This vacation included a lot of the typical lounging in the sun, eating great food, and relaxation. It also included some good beach workouts.

The day I flew in was rainy, but there were palm trees so I knew I was officially on vacation!


We did a little shopping to pass the time. I found a purple panda in a store! Actually, I saw three purple pandas that day – all different, all in different stores. (P.S. this is significant because my favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is a panda :P)


By the end of the day, the weather was starting to turn around.


The next few days were beautiful and allowed us to get out for some long walks on the beach in the mornings and then lay in the sun in the afternoon. The dog loved going for some walks with us, too!



I did manage to get in a 5 mile beach run one day.


A couple days later, some rain moved in so I had to hit the treadmill for a 2.5 mile run, but at least I had a nice view.


Our last day of vacation was gorgeous. It was almost a crime to come up from the beach so we could catch our flight. After a busy several weeks, the relaxation was so nice. Can’t wait to go back!


How are you gearing up for summer?


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