Goldy’s 10 mile training – Week 7

I didn’t do so hot with the cross training last week, but got in some solid runs. Goldy’s 10 mile is 3 weeks away, and I’m feeling good about it. The coming week is a step back week and then I’ll pick things up one more time before race week.

Monday – 3.31 mile run (9:39/mile pace)

After a long run on Sunday, I wasn’t planning to run this fast. But I was running with a friend and we were chatting, so I was not paying attention to my pace at all. On the bright side, I felt great on the run and it was really nice to catch up with a running buddy!

Mon splits

Tuesday and Wednesday – rest

Tuesday was a planned rest day. I didn’t necessarily plan on another rest day Wednesday, but plans after work made it too hard to fit in a workout.

Thursday – 5.05 mile run (10:03/mile pace)

I think the extra rest and slightly cool temps make this 5 mile run go so well.

Friday – rest

Friday afternoon/evening was all about NCAA tournament basketball. I watched a bunch of the games with friends — including watching my Blue Devils win in the 2nd round. Considering they lost in the 2nd round last year, I was quite excited. 🙂

Saturday – 8.53 mile run (10:06/mile pace)

Looking at the weekend weather, it looked like Saturday was going to be the best day to get in a long run since they were calling for snow on Sunday. I headed out planning to do 8 miles. Knowing that the Goldy’s 10 mile has historically been a bit hilly, I wanted to get in some hills on this run. There are a couple decent hills close to my usual route, so I made sure to add them in.


I felt good enough to tack on an extra 1/2 mile to the run.

The rest of the day was about errands and basketball. That night, I met up with some friends for a girl’s night.

Sunday – 50 minute elliptical

I woke up Sunday morning and started sneezing. I was still able to get some stuff done in the morning, but the sneezing was non-stop all day. Felt good enough to finally get in some cross training for the week. Actually, it was the only hour all day that I wasn’t sneezing.

I watched some more basketball in the evening. My bracket is doing ok so far — I’m sitting somewhere in the middle of my bracket pool. We’ll see how things go in the Sweet 16!

Did you fill out a tournament bracket?


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