Are you gonna run a marathon?

“Are you gonna run a marathon?” I used to get asked this question and would say, “No way.” Well, never say never…

I took a big step toward my 2015 goal of Running the Twin Cities Marathon by officially registering last week!


The registration fee was going up the next day and I realized now was as good a time as any to pull the trigger and register for this race that I’ve been thinking about and talking about for months.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao-Tzu

What steps are you taking to reach a goal?


4 thoughts on “Are you gonna run a marathon?

  1. Yay!!!! I hope to either be doing the 10 miler (I hate how long I have to wait for the lottery) or cheering. I am considering the Grandma’s full again, but haven’t officially signed up. However I did get my dorm room reserved, so there’s no reason not to register I suppose.

    • Thanks! The lottery for the 10 mile is tough, but such a great race. Good luck if you do Grandma’s!! Having a place to stay for that race is huge! 🙂

  2. Kudos for signing up for the marathon! I’m slowing, but surely, building up my base again. Each week, I set out my training plan (run, strength & stretch, cross) and follow through with it. I’m doing the Goldy’s 5K and am hoping to get a lottery spot in the TC 10-mile this fall. If I don’t get in, I’ll be there rooting you and the other runners on.

    • That’s awesome! I’ve found that a training plan helps a lot with holding me accountable for what I need to do each week. You’ll love Goldy’s 5K! I’ve loved doing the 10 mile the last couple years. Good luck with the TC 10 mile!

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