Goldy’s 10 mile training – Weeks 5 & 6

I got a little lazy last week and didn’t get a weekly recap up, so you’re getting two weeks. 🙂

Week 5 was a cut-back week, so not as much mileage and nothing too eventful.

Monday – strength, stretch, foam roll

I took this day to focus on some strength training and foam rolling. I could tell I’ve been slacking on the strength training by the sore muscles that appeared the next day.

Tuesday – 3 mile run (10:30/mile pace)

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – 2.5 mile walk

Friday – 3.07 mile run (10:06/mile pace)

Saturday – 47 minute elliptical

I got up to meet some fellow CCFA volunteers at the Hot Dash 5K/10 mile. We were volunteering at the race on the “green team,” meaning we manned the compost and recycling bins at the finish line and after party. Luckily, the temperature wasn’t too bad and the sun was out, so standing outside for 5 hours was bearable. They also gave each volunteer a free scarf, so had a little extra warmth.

Hot Dash

Even though it was a nice day, I still hit the elliptical for some cross training.

That night, I took my sister to dinner at Brasa (one of my fav restaurants) since she had never been. Their Wine Cooler Brasa Style was pretty tasty!


Sunday – 4 mile run (10:09/mile pace)

I soaked up a little sun after my run and took in the view of the river.

4mile sun

Finally! The weather took a turn by the end of the week and I’ve been able to get outside for more runs and walks in week 6.

Monday – rest

Not having to run after work allowed me to try out a new recipe. I made this Easy Fajita Chicken Bake. It ended up being really easy and only requires a hand full of ingredients that I normally have around anyway. I think it will become one of my more regular recipes.


Tuesday – 3.02 mile walk

Wednesday – 5 mile run (10:03/mile pace)

I set out on this run not sure if I’d end up doing all 5 miles that were on the training plan, but it was a beautiful day and my legs carried me through a solid run.

Thursday – rest

Friday – 3 mile run (10:03/mile pace)

Saturday – 4.61 mile walk/run

I got up and met a couple friends for brunch! So nice to catch up with them!


It was a cross training day and the weather was gorgeous. I started by walking for 10 minutes, then ran for 15 minutes–nice and easy at about 10:30/mile pace. I took a break and walked for 10 minutes before running for 10 more minutes. I finished with 15 minutes of walking. It was a 60 minute workout in total.

That night, I went to a game night with friends. We made pizza on the grill and played a few card games. A really fun night, but definitely got to bed later than I have in a while!

Sunday – 7 mile run (10:17/mile pace)

It was a bit cloudy outside and about 50 degrees when I got up. I was kind of happy about that knowing I had a longer run ahead of me. The cool weather was perfect. I was running into the wind for the first two miles and the last 1.5 miles which was a little tough. But, overall it was a good run.


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