Goldy’s 10 mile training – Week 4

Feels like the weather continues to be a roller coaster here. Warms up a bit and then dips back down. I can’t wait for summer! Even with the up and down temps, I managed to get in two outdoor runs last week.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – 3 mile run (9:59/mile pace)

When I got done with work, it was sunny and the temp was above zero even with the windchill. I resolved that I was running outside! The wind was a little brutal, but I managed 3 miles and felt good. The cold definitely helped me pick up the pace, too!


Wednesday – 4 mile run (10:30/mile pace)

On Wednesday, it was back to the treadmill. 😦

Thursday – rest

I met some friends for dinner and hockey! I hadn’t been to a Gopher hockey game in a long time, so I jumped at the chance to go.


Mariucci Arena is an awesome place to watch hockey. I’ve missed it! We had fun reminiscing about when we had season tickets as students. So many good times at those games.

The game started a bit rocky when Michigan State scored three goals in the first 10 minutes. But, the Gophers came from behind and won, making it a great game to watch!


Friday – 40 minute elliptical

Saturday – 50 minute walk (2.7 miles)

Sunday – 6 mile run (10:05/mile pace)

A beautiful day for a long run. A bit windy, but manageable with the sun and temps in the 20s. I was happy with my pace, too. Again, I think the cold weather kicked me into gear. Mile 2 was the slow mile, but I’m going to blame that on some hills at that part of the run.


This next week is a step back week, so will be taking it down a notch while heading to the second half of training.

Did you have season tickets to a sporting even in college?


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