Goldy’s 10 mile training – Week 2

Last week turned out to be somewhat busy and exhausting. But, a lot of my busy schedule was filled with fun stuff, so I can’t complain too much. Thankfully, this weekend was a long weekend, so I get an extra day to relax and recover.

Monday – 30 minute elliptical
Jumped back into my routine after the weekend away in Atlanta. After a longer run on Sunday, an elliptical workout felt like a good way to unwind after a long work day.

Tuesday – 2 mile run (10:30/mile pace)
Tuesday was another long day, so opted for a slightly shorter run.

Wednesday – Rest
I had a happy hour with coworkers and ran a couple errands, so got to take the day off from training.

Thursday – Rest
I wasn’t planning to take another rest day, but I ended up needing to run some errands after work so got home later than expected and was tired. One of those days where I decided rest was better.

Friday – Rest
Yea, again. I met up with a couple friends Friday evening to finish planning for a friend’s baby shower we were throwing on Sunday. We started decorating and did some food prep including decorating cupcakes. Here’s a sneak peek at the incredibly adorable mini panda cupcakes!

image4 (5)

Saturday – 4 mile run (10:30/mile pace)
I made myself get up early to get in a run. It was freezing on Saturday, so I had to hit the treadmill. I did a nice solid 4 mile run. I didn’t actually need to do that much, but I wanted to make up for missing a workout. My right calf had been a little tight at the beginning of my runs recently, but felt great on Saturday, so maybe the extra rest was actually good.

After my run I met my sister for brunch.


I got a haircut in the afternoon, ran errands and did some more food prep for the baby shower.

Sunday – rest

I headed out to meet some people for brunch in the morning. We were making plans for ways to get more young professionals involved in CCFA. I’m excited for the opportunity to participate in more volunteer opportunities and meet some new people!

After that, it was off to the baby shower! We had a great time, and I think we came up with some fun activities, food, and decor to help celebrate the day. I thankfully have some crafty and creative friends, so we had a lot of fun putting everything together. Here are just a few highlights.

image3 (3)

image1 (6) image3 (2)

image1 (5)

image4 (2)

How do you handle balancing training and a busy schedule?


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