A Look Back at 2014 Goals

I didn’t set out to run 14 races in 2014, but that’s what ended up happening! Along with all that running, I managed to get PRs in my 10K, 10 mile and half marathon. I also beat my 5 mile time at the Shamrock Shuffle 8K, so I like to think of that as a bonus PR since the distances are so close. That surpassed my first 2014 goal of 2 PRs!

Big Ten 10K - PR!
Big Ten 10K – PR!
Goldy's 10 mile - PR!
Goldy’s 10 mile – PR!
Lola's Half Marathon - PR!
Lola’s Half Marathon – PR!
Shamrock Shuffle selfie
Shamrock Shuffle 8K – PR!

Goal #2 was to make 1 new recipe each month. I didn’t make 1 per month, but I did manage to make several, like:

mashed cauliflower

spicy poblano and corn soup

feb soup

spicy roasted asparagus

broccoli slaw “pasta”

broccoli slaw1

low fat lemon crinkle cookies

watermelon cake

watermelon cake2

cauliflower soup



I just got a Crock Pot for Christmas, so hoping to do a lot more cooking in 2015!

Goal #3 was to get more comfortable with change. I made some progress at getting outside my comfort zone and trying not to let change throw me. I definitely stepped up to a challenge–literally–by signing up for and completing the TC Loony Challenge this fall.

loony challenge medals

That accomplishment set me up for seriously looking at a big 2015 running goal (more on that soon). Change is inevitable in life, so I by no means expect to ever master this, but I can keep working on it!

How did you do on your 2014 goals?


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