Cauliflower soup recipe

I have failed miserably at my 2014 goal of trying one new recipe each month. Oh well. There’s always next year. 😉 I’m hoping the cooler temps will make me want to spend a little more time in the kitchen trying out a few new recipes.

I did try out this cauliflower soup recipe on Monday. It was a Pinterest find. The thing that attracted me to it was the description that said it was 0 Weight Watchers points! You could make it with broccoli too, or a combo. There aren’t very many ingredients, and most of it is stuff you probably have around.

cauliflower soup

The broth is basically water that’s flavored with chicken bouillon cubes and dried basil and oregano. The rest of the soup is veggies: cauliflower, carrots and onion. You simmer all of the ingredients together until the veggies are tender.

The recipe then says to drain off and reserve the liquid and put the veggies in a food processor to puree. I don’t have a big food processor, just a small blender thing. I had to blend up the veggies in batches and unfortunately they didn’t really get pureed. But, I actually kind of liked having larger chunks of veggies in the soup, so you could do whatever you prefer. After that, you add back in some of the liquid you reserved. I put about 2/3 of it back in, so it wasn’t a thick soup.

The chicken bouillon flavored everything really well. I had made a loaf of beer bread on Sunday, so I had a slice of that with it. Don’t be too impressed by the beer bread, it was from a mix that you add a bottle of beer to. But it still tastes good, and is perfect for slopping up soup. 🙂

What new recipes have you tried lately?


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