MN DAR Flag Day 5K Race Recap

Finally getting around to this race recap! It’s been a busy week.

I woke up last Saturday to another wet morning. 2014 has been full or rainy race days, but I’ve realized that’s actually not a bad thing. I parked and headed inside to grab my race packet. Then I retreated back to my car to stay dry and wait for Hyedi, her husband, and another friend to get there.


We hung out under the covered area of the building until it was time to head to the start line. I was feeling good and ready to run. I figured it had to go well given my bib number!

Thanks for the pic H!
Thanks for the pic H!

After running a hilly half marathon the previous weekend, I knew I wasn’t going to be racing this 5K. Now, I’ve said that at the start of a race before and ended up going hard, but I actually stuck to my plan this time. My goal was to finish under 30 minutes, so I took off and worked on maintaining a comfortable pace. The rain let up a lot for most of the race, so it was actually really pleasant running weather. It started to pick up again near the end.

The course was nice and flat. You headed out from the VA clinic building and ran around the streets in a fairly residential area. The course looped around this area twice and then sent you back to the finish line at the VA clinic. I waved at my friends as I crossed the finish line. My official time was 29:27!

We stuck around for a bit after the race because two of my fast friends earned medals! While I did not get a medal, I was super happy to finish 28th out of 74 runners and 10th out of all the females.

Overall, it was a great race and so nice to support a good cause.


We made a stop at Egg & I for a post-race breakfast.


The rain and wind picked up a lot in the afternoon, so I’m glad we only had to deal with some light rain during the race. I spent the rest of the day relaxing, touring an apartment, and then heading to a BBQ with some grad school friends. So nice to catch up with all of them!

How was your weekend?


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