Running in the Rain

Tomorrow is the MN DAR Flag Day 5K! I’ve been excited for the race all week, but I haven’t been excited for the 60% chance of rain. I didn’t want to run in the rain for the second week in a row. Then it dawned on me that rain might be good luck for me. Two of my big PR’s for this year have happened during races where it was raining at the start line.

At Goldy’s Run 10 mile, rain came down right until the race got underway. I finished feeling cold and wet, but super happy with a new PR!


Then last weekend, Lola’s Half Marathon was delayed a half hour while rain and a storm rolled through and light rain continued for most of the race. Again, I finished feeling gross and wet, but super surprised to have a 3+ minute PR!


The ultimate goal for the 5K tomorrow is to have fun, not PR, but maybe I need to stop complaining about rainy race days. They appear to be good luck for me. 🙂

Do you like running in the rain? Do you have “good luck” running weather?


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