Current Obsessions III

I started doing these current obsessions posts (exhibit A and B) expecting them to be a monthly thing, but that hasn’t really worked out. Ended up having a couple months where I didn’t have anything new that I was loving. But, recently I’ve found I have a few things that I can’t get enough of:

Tulips – I’ve always loved tulips, but I am absolutely obsessed with them this spring. Maybe it has something to do with the wicked winter we had. Whatever the reason, I’m seeing their bright colors everywhere. I picked up these beauties at the farmer’s market last weekend.


farmers market flowers

Mini Teddy Grahams – This resulted from an impulse buy at Target (we’ve all been there). They’re a sweet, easy treat to have around the house.

teddy grahams

Patios, rooftops, outdoor eating in general – Hey, in Minnesota we need to soak up the sun when we get a chance! Might as well enjoy some quality time with friends hanging out on a patio, rooftop, or lakeside restaurant. Hoping for lots of outings like these in the next few months!


The Big Locus (TBL) - Thielens bacon, lettuce, & tomato
Eating outside by the lake at Sandcastle

What are you loving lately?


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