Get in Gear 10K Race Recap

I had two weeks to prepare for yesterday’s 10K after Goldy’s 10 mile. I took two days off after the 10 mile and then picked up my training routine again. My “long run” on the weekend in between the races was about 5.8 miles. I followed that up with a yummy brunch with two good friends.

Biscuits & Gravy
Biscuits & Gravy

Anyway, back to the race recap. I had been watching the weather all week and it was supposed to be cool, but sunny. I laid out my race outfit and gear the night before. I went with tights, t-shirt, and arm warmers — it’s been my go-to outfit this spring. I got to the race pretty early and sat in my car for over half an hour before I needed to make my way to the start. I was rushed getting to the start of this race last year, so I kind of overcompensated and got there even earlier than needed.

GiG bib

I lined up about 10 minutes before the race started and felt ready to run. With two really good races under my belt so far this year, I was gunning for another PR. (I set my 10K PR at this race last year.) I took off, weaved around some people, and tried to find a comfortable pace. Per usual, I felt like I was going out a bit faster than I should, so I had to remind myself to slow down a couple times – I had 6 miles to go, after all.

Before I knew it, my watch beeped for mile 1 – 9:41. Good pace, I just needed to maintain it. Mile 2 was 9:38, but I started to lose steam going into mile 4 and my pace slowed a bit. I started to get a second wind in miles 5 and 6 and picked up my pace again. Rounding the final curves, I kicked it into high gear as much as I could and crossed the finish line.

GiG finish

Overall, a good race, but my final time was 1:00:42 – just above my PR. A little disappointing, but I also can’t be too upset about another race at a 9:47 pace. I have two more 10Ks planned for this year, and I’m determined to have at least one of those break the 1 hour mark!

One of those 10Ks is part of the TC Looney Challenge in the fall. Might be tougher to PR that one because I’ll be doing 3 races in one weekend. But this came in the mail this weekend which makes the Looney Challenge more real! (And I’m really looking forward to it!)

Love the color!
Love the color!

 Did you race this weekend? What races or event are you looking forward to this year?


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