10 Mile Training – Week 9

Goldy’s 10 mile is officially one week away! Can’t believe it’s almost here. This week’s training was good except for missing my strength training again. Whoops.

Monday – Last bit of walking around Chicago

It was the day after the Shamrock Shuffle 8K. We walked to get breakfast and some popcorn, so a couple miles of easy walking was my workout for the day. Perfect after all of the other walking we did that weekend and the, of course, the race.

Wildberry 2

Chicago mix popcorn before leaving Chicago!
Chicago mix popcorn before leaving Chicago!

Tuesday – Rest day

After a busy and active weekend, I decided another rest day was needed.

Wednesday – 5.1 miles

It was a nice day, so I was able to head outside after work and get in a 5 mile run. I threw in some hills because I know the Goldy’s course is hilly. I felt good on the run had an  average pace of 10:24 per mile.

Thursday – Cross training, 30 minute elliptical

Friday – 2.5 miles

This was a quick Friday night run on the treadmill. I had intended to do 3 miles, but my legs were shot, so I stopped at 2.5 and called it a night.

Saturday – Cross training, 30 minutes on Cardio Strider and 25 minute walk

The Cardio Strider is a newer machine in our workout room. Very low impact, but you can get your heart rate up pretty good, so it’s nice for cross training days.

cardio strider 2

Sunday – 8.8 miles

Last long run before Goldy’s! I headed out to a local lake to get a change of scenery. The lake is still frozen, but the path was clear and it was a gorgeous day!

long run 2 4.6

I like doing long runs around the lake because I can park just off the path and make pit stops at my car after each lap for water. It’s just under 3 miles around the lake, and nice not to have to carry a water bottle.

The first lap around the lake was a little rough. My legs were tired and heavy. I was a little worried how the run would go, but was hoping that I just needed to get warmed up. By the time I started my second loop, my legs felt better and the rest of the run was pretty smooth. My average pace was 10:21/mile. Feeling pretty good about those 10 miles next weekend!

Long run 4.6   long run 3 4.6

I got home and drank half of a Core Power drink (banana) I had in the fridge. The rest of the day was errands, laundry, the standard Sunday afternoon happenings to get ready for the week ahead.

Core Power banana

How was your week of workouts? Do you like to carry a water bottle, or do you find other water options for long runs?


4 thoughts on “10 Mile Training – Week 9

    • Yea, I have a small handheld bottle for when I need it. Just nice not to have to carry it all the time. Might have to bring it along more now that the weather is finally getting warmer!

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