Shamrockin’ Chicago

Well, there was a lot more to my Chicago weekend than just running the Shamrock Shuffle. Okay, most of it had to do with food. Good thing we walked A LOT (and ran) to burn off some of the delicious calories. (Worth every bite!)

Hyedi and I flew in on Saturday morning. We used Uber to get from the airport to the hotel. It was my first time using the app and it worked pretty slick! We arrived at the Hotel Allegro and were able to check in early which was nice for being able to unpack and relax for a little bit.

Hotel Allegro 2   Hotel Allegro 1

We headed out for our 1 p.m. brunch reservations at Frontera Grill. We ate there for dinner on our last Chicago trip, but I was excited to try out their brunch. Such good food! I had trouble deciding what to get, but ended up going with the Hot Cakes Indgenas (corn pancakes w/ whipped goat cheese, organic agave syrup, red chile-glazed Gunthorp hickory-smoked bacon, two eggs sunny-side up). And of course, some chips and salsa.

Frontera brunch  Frontera

From there we walked over to Navy Pier for the race expo. After getting our packets and walking all the way back to the hotel, we decided to cancel our dinner reservation and grab something closer to the hotel. We ended up at the Corner Bakery for some pasta (carbo loading!).

Not fancy, but did the trick.
Not fancy, but did the trick.

Sunday morning was race day! After the race, we grabbed some Dunkin Donuts coffee, made a quick pit stop at the hotel, and then met up with some of Hyedi’s Oiselle teammates for brunch. They were such nice people; it was really great to meet them! And of course I was excited to stuff my face after the race.


We got cleaned up and headed over to Eataly. Eataly is basically a two-story Italian marketplace where they sell everything from pasta to cheese to wine to desserts and more.  There are also several restaurants/eating spots where you can get a taste of Italy.


We wandered around and found a few fun items to buy. Then we tried out some yummy focaccia, and I was not going to leave without some gelatto.

Eataly_focaccia   Eataly_gelato

After some relaxing and a nap, we headed to our 9:30 dinner reservation at Girl & the Goat. The executive chef is Stephanie Izard who won season 4 of Top Chef (I love that show!). Our eyes were probably bigger than our stomachs because we ordered a lot of food, but I’m so glad I got to try all of these amazing dishes because they were unbelievable!

Goat 2

Bottom left picture: roasted beets (green beans . white anchovy . avocado creme fraiche . bread crumb).
Bottom right picture: goat empanadas (marinated sheep feta . pickled golden beets . tzatziki)

Goat 1

Top left picture: wood grilled broccoli (rogue smokey bleu . spiced crispies)
Bottom left picture: squash wontons with mushroom ragout
Right picture: crisp braised pork shank (buttermilk dressing . grilled spring onion kimchee . naan)

My absolute favorite thing was probably the goat empanadas (I could’ve eaten 10)! That being said, everything was delicious and there were some really unique flavors.

We got up on Monday morning and headed out for one more food outing. We went to Wildberry for breakfast. I had scrumptious omelette with goat cheese, spinach, bacon, and caramelized onion. I had to opt for the buttermilk pancakes as my side. A perfect last meal in Chicago!

Wildberry food

All around, it was a fantastic weekend away. I’ve been to Chicago three times now, and I know I still have so much more to see, do, and eat in the windy city, so I’ll definitely be back!

Til next time Chicago
Til next time Chicago

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