10 Mile Training – Week 7

It’s been a full week of pain-free running!!! I’m so happy I can finally say that seeing as I have my first race of the year is next weekend (Shamrock Shuffle 8K) and my 10 mile race is just 3 weeks away. Felt like a pretty solid week of training.

Monday – 15 minutes on stationary bike and strength

Nice and easy workout for a “strength and stretch” day on the training plan.

Tuesday – 4 mile run

I know my 1o mile race has some wicked hills and I haven’t been doing a lot of outdoor running yet with the weather still being fairly cold here. So, I started upping the incline on the treadmill for the last half mile of this run to at least start getting my legs used to a slight hill.

Wednesday – Cross training: 45 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday – Rest Day

I met up with some friends to see Divergent! Anyone else read the book or seen the movie yet? It was pretty good. I wasn’t psyched about Shailene Woodley playing the main character, Tris, but I will say she was better in the role than I thought. And if nothing else, Theo James is some pretty decent eye candy. 😉

Friday – 3.25 mile run

I was able to leave work a little early, which was much needed as my spirits were crushed when Duke lost to Mercer in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. I’m a big Duke basketball fan, and while I didn’t have them winning it all, I did have high hopes for them to at least get through a few rounds. I got in my 3.25 mile run (upping the incline at the end again) and had planned to do my strength training but it was really busy in the workout room so I skipped it.

Saturday – 7. 25 mile run

On Saturday morning, I went to a friend’s baby shower. Lots of yummy brunch food and some really cute touches like drinking cucumber water out of a mason jar and decorating headbands for the soon-to-be-arriving baby girl!

mason jar

7 miles were on deck for this week’s long run. I was dreading doing 7 miles on the treadmill, but it was pretty cold outside (even at 3 p.m.) and I really didn’t feel like getting bundled up either. I had been fighting a bit of a cold the past couple days, so I wasn’t totally sure how I’d feel. I decided to start and see how the first 2-3 miles felt and then decide if I’d do all 7 that day or cut it short and try again on Sunday. I made it through those first few miles and still felt fine, so I powered through. Luckily, I had basketball games to keep me distracted.

Post run looked like this…

Legs up the wall + stretching + foam rolling + compression = recovery
Legs up the wall + stretching + foam rolling + compression = recovery.
The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and watching more basketball.

Sunday – 25 minutes on the elliptical and strength

Finally got in my second day of strength for the week and a short cross training workout. Didn’t want to overdo it as the cold is still hanging around.

The next week is going to be busy with things going on after work and preparing for a weekend out of town. That makes scheduling my runs/workouts a little more difficult, but this week will also be a step-back week as I prepare for races. May end up just needing to schedule in an extra rest day — especially if this cold isn’t gone in a day or two!

Anyone else fighting a spring cold? Who did you pick to win the NCAA tournament?


2 thoughts on “10 Mile Training – Week 7

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of compression socks…What brand do you wear? And do you see a noticeable difference in recovery time?
    Unfortunately I don’t watch basketball but thankfully I haven’t got sick yet this spring. My sinuses are bothering me like crazy though with these drastic weather changes.

    • The brand I have is CEP Compression. I haven’t had them very long and have only worn them a few times, so I’m still figuring out how they help me with recovery. I know calves were feeling tight near the end of my run. I wore the socks for several hours after my run and did notice any soreness or tighness in my legs the next day when I got on the elliptical, so at least my combo of stretching, foam rolling and the socks seemed to work!

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