Sunday Supper and 10 Mile Training Week 5

Last night was full of cooking, cleaning, and baking. The cooking started by making myself a Sunday supper.

Sunday supper

Now, full disclosure, the potatoes were not made from scratch and the pork loin was pre-marinaded, but it was still a delicious dinner! For the asparagus, I used a recipe from Cooking with a Wallflower with a couple of modifications. I didn’t use the olive oil and just sprayed the asparagus with some cooking spray (my usual method when roasting vegetables) and I didn’t add the cheese, but only because I didn’t have any. The garlic and crushed red pepper gave the asparagus some spice and a lot of flavor. Really good!

roasted asparagus


I followed up the cooking with some baking. I had some lemon poppy-seed muffin mix and a couple mini muffin trays, so these delicious little guys were born.

mini muffins


The mix came with a lemon glaze too, so even though I normally think of muffins as a breakfast food, I will totally be munching on these for dessert too. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I LOVE lemon desserts. 🙂

The weather on Sunday was beautiful! It was about 45 degrees when I stepped outside for a run. The fresh air felt great and I was so excited to hit the pavement. The previous week had been pretty good for training. I was still taking it easy with my “foot issues” and even had a really great run on Thursday that essentially became a 30 minute tempo run. The path was still pretty icy/snowy in spots, so I had to slow down and walk some, but there were also some decently clear stretches. For the first 2 miles I felt great. No pain in my foot/ankle. I started to make my way back home and not long in to mile 3 I started to feel a little pain in that same trouble spot. Crap. My run ended up being 4 miles, which isn’t bad, but if it wasn’t for the pain in my ankle I definitely would’ve kept going.

I chatted with my dad after the run and he had the same hypothesis that I did, which is that my new shoes are part of the problem. Even though they’re new and are the same brand and model as my previous pair, I’ve never had this issue before and the biggest predictor of pain is when I’m wearing those shoes. So, I’m going to do a little experimenting this week and maybe stop in the running store where I got the shoes. I may just need to get a new pair.

I hate that this has hung around for so long. It’s kept me from training like I wanted to for my spring races. Hoping I get something figured out this week. :/

Anyone else had an issue with new shoes causing unusual pain? Is that a realistic hypothesis?



5 thoughts on “Sunday Supper and 10 Mile Training Week 5

  1. Hmmm, I’m not stranger to pain, last year I added on too many miles too soon, so this year I’ve kept everything super low. I have an end of April race that isn’t going to be pretty, but I’m more focused on grandma’s half as the race I really want to push my pace. I would go to the running store, and I would go right away as they all have different policies on returns, but they should be able to help you. It may not hurt to see a dr also…although if your insurance isn’t the best you might want to wait… unless you have pain even when you are inactive.

    • Thanks! I’m definitely going to talk to the running store and maybe try a short run in my old shoes again to see if I feel the pain with those on. Hoping I don’t need a doc apt, but not ruling it out yet.

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