10 Mile Training Weeks 3 & 4

I know I didn’t check in last week. Actually didn’t have a lot to report. The pesky pain on the inside of my foot was still hanging around, so I was taking it easy and actually didn’t run for over a week. I stuck to swimming and some really low-impact cross training. I also took a couple extra rest days.

Our workout room got a new machine recently. It’s called a Cardio Strider – kind of a cross between a stationary bike, elliptical, and stair step. I had never seen a machine like it before, but it was a nice alternative to a bike or elliptical.

cardio strider 1   cardio strider 2

I skipped my long run last weekend, and this week was a step-back week, so 4 miles were on the schedule. After more than a week off from running I was really eager to get back into it with Sunday run day. I started out and no pain! Granted, I did on thing different to test a theory – I wore my old pair of running shoes. Since I’ve only been feeling the pain when I put on my new running shoes I wanted to see what happened when I went back to my old pair. I didn’t have any issues and easily made it through my 4 miles (felt like I could’ve kept going, but didn’t want to push it). I was feeling like my new pair of shoes just isn’t broken in enough yet so the leather isn’t as soft. I think that’s why they’ve been irritating me and I’ve been feeling that little pain. I’m going to continue testing tomorrow and try my new shoes again and see what happens.

Other fun things recently have included a trip to Wine & Canvas with my sister. They walk you through how to paint a painting and, per the title, you can drink wine while you do it. 🙂

Spoon & Cherry sculpture in Minneapolis
Spoon & Cherry sculpture in Minneapolis

And shopping and brunch with friends.

Spinach fritata with roasted tomato, Brie and parmesan
Spinach frittata with roasted tomato, Brie and parmesan

What fun things have you done recently?


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