10 Mile Training – Week 2

Week 2 of training for my 10 mile race in April is in the books. Successful, but I didn’t stick to the training plan as much this week. Partially because of my schedule and partially because of a pesky pain on the inside of my foot/ankle. But, here’s the rundown:

Monday – 3 miles and strength

This was right on track with the training plan. I knocked out the 3 miles in 30 minutes and then got in my strength training.

Tuesday – Rest day

I had a late meeting at work, so this was a natural rest day for me.

Wednesday – 4 miles

This run started good, but pretty soon I started noticing a slight pain on the inside of my ankle (near the top of my shoe). One of those pains that kind of came and went during the run. Nothing that made me feel like I had to stop, but not one I’ve had before.

Thursday – 30 minute swim

Because of my late work day on Tuesday, I got to go into the office a bit later than usual. This worked out great because I had something going on after work on Thursday, so I was able to workout in the morning. I put on my running shoes and noticed that just walking around that little pain was still there. It was like my running shoe was pushing on a bruise on my left foot because it didn’t hurt when I wore other shoes. So, I decided to skip the run and swim instead. It was a relaxing workout for a Thursday morning, and a good excuse to wear flip flops. 🙂

flip flop 2.13

Friday – 30 minute bike and strength

On Friday, I decided to continue to go easy on my foot to be safe. I hit the bike for a bit and then did my strength training, so I’m still on track for 2 strength days per week.

I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day! The saying in this Dove Chocolate was pretty fitting for the day.


On Friday night I finally got to see Catching Fire! It was really good and I’m excited for the 3rd movie to come out.

Saturday – 25 minute elliptical

Pesky pain was still hanging around a little, so I went with something low impact because I really wanted to try and get in my long run on Sunday – as long as I wasn’t feeling that pain.

Sunday – 7 miles

Again, when I tied my shoes I noticed that little pain – still feeling like the top of my shoe was hitting a bruise or tender spot. But, I had a stroke of genius and tried tying my shoe differently to see if that would help at all. Low and behold, it did! I normally lace up my sneakers all the way to the top hole, but I took it down one hole and that made it so the top of my shoe wasn’t pressing on the inside part of my ankle. I got through 7 miles on the treadmill (10:20 avg pace) and didn’t have pain in my ankle. Of course I noticed that my big toe felt a little sore after my run when I was stretching my calf – if it’s not one thing it’s another.

Pre-run fuel - Strawberries and banana with strawberry and banana yogurt.
Pre-run fuel – Strawberries and banana with strawberry and banana yogurt.

Today is a total rest day. I felt like my body needed the extra rest day this week, and hopefully all of these little aches and pains will go away. 

How do you deal with annoying aches and pains? Have you seen Catching Fire?


2 thoughts on “10 Mile Training – Week 2

  1. The swim day sounded nice … and I do hope your foot feels better.

    While reading someone’s blog one day I came across a link that someone had in their blog … (sorry whoever it was, I can’t recall who had that link … but I did bookmark it 🙂 ) … and while it may not pertain to your situation, as yours sounds more of an injury type thing? … it may be of some value. It concerned lacing your shoes and was apparently written by a wordpress blogger.


    Again, I’m not sure if it pertains to your situation … but it was kinda a cool read.

    • Thanks! I’ve heard of different ways to tie your shoes, so I’ll have to check that out – especially if I keep having trouble.

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