Cooking Fail – Still Learning

I’m keeping up with my 2014 goal of making at least one new recipe each month. Last Sunday, I busted out this Weight Watchers cookbook and looked up a recipe I had seen while flipping through it a couple months ago.

WW cookbook

It was for Spicy Poblano and Corn Soup. Still dealing with cold weather, so soup sounded good and I like any recipe that uses a small number of ingredients and is quick!

Now, the book says the prep time is 3 minutes and cook time is 10 minutes. Maybe for a more experienced cook, but not for me. It took me a bit longer to chop up the onion and peppers. The book actually suggests starting to boil the milk and some corn while you chop. I did that, but then realized it was boiling and I was nowhere near ready to add the other ingredients. I actually ditched that batch of corn and milk and started over (it was just a cup of milk and a cup of corn, so not a lot wasted). But, still kind of a #cookingfail. I regrouped and finished all of the prep before I started boiling the milk again, so from that point on things went smoothly.

The soup tuned out well. You also puree some milk and corn which made it a little thicker than other soups.

feb soup

Timing is often the thing I struggle with while cooking–at least until I’ve made something a couple times. I watch shows on Food Network and I’m always amazed at how they’re able to multi-task and have three things going at once!

Even with the hiccup, I finished the recipe and learned something in the process. That’s the whole reason I wanted to challenge myself to try new recipes this year. Practice make perfect and I know I’ll get better the more I cook!

Have you ever had a #cookingfail?


6 thoughts on “Cooking Fail – Still Learning

  1. I have had plenty of cooking fails. And I have had a lot more baking fails. With cooking, I feel you can still save whatever you’re making by adding more of this and that. But with baking, you don’t know until it comes out of the oven. In the end, you just keep trying and you get the hang of it.

    Timing is awful for me too. I always feel bad when a recipe tells me it should take 10 minutes to prep and I take 30 minutes. That’s why I try not to give exact times on the recipes that I post. lol. Good luck with your cooking adventures!

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