10 Mile Training – Week 1

Training for Goldy’s 10 mile officially started on Monday, so week 1 is in the books! I ran this race last year and really liked it, so I’m looking forward to doing it again and hope to get a 10 mile PR too!

Goldy's 10 mile finish line
Goldy’s 10 mile finish line

Here’s the rundown of my training for week 1:

Monday – 3 miles and strength

A good first training run. I did the 3 miles at 10:10 pace on the treadmill. I’m really going to make a better effort of getting in strength training twice a week while training. My muscles were definitely sore  since I’ve been slacking on the strength training.

Tuesday – 4 miles

Again on the treadmill because it’s too cold for me outside right now. A little slower pace (10:30), but it felt good.

Wednesday – 4 x 800 5K pace

I walked for 1/4 mile to get warmed up (my usual routine) then did the 800’s at 9:00/mile pace and walked for 2 minutes between each one. I think I can up my pace a little the next time I do intervals.

Thursday – rest day

I ran some errands after work. I’ve been wanting a pair of compression socks for awhile, so I went by a local running store with a gift certificate I got for Christmas and picked up a pair. Then I met a friend for a birthday dinner. We filled up on yummy burgers.

Friday – 2 miles and strength

A nice quick run (10:00 pace) and then got in strength training. Friday night was spent checking out the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

Saturday – cross training

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and walked for 25 minutes on the treadmill. The perfect workout for a Saturday morning. Then it was off to the salon for a haircut. Saturday night was girls night complete with pizza, girl talk, and some Sex and the City. I made these chewy graham cracker – chocolate chip bars for the second time in two weeks. They’re soft, chocolaty, and only 3 ingredients. The best part is, they’re a Weight Watchers recipe, so you feel even better about eating them. 🙂

chewy graham cracker bars

Sunday – 6 miles

Long runs on the weekend are back! That’s actually the part of training that I’ve missed the most. Today’s run wasn’t ideal because it was all on the treadmill. The run went fine and I had some Olympic ice dancing to keep me distracted, but I hope it warms up a little soon so I can do these outside!

treadmill run 2.9

Post run, I put on my new compression socks to chill out for the afternoon.

compression socks

What spring races are you training for right now? Did you watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony? What events are you excited to watch?


2 thoughts on “10 Mile Training – Week 1

    • I’m following the Hal Higdon 15K/10 mile intermediate plan. I used his beginner plan for this race last year, so I’m trying the next level to add in speed work.

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