New Kicks

There’s nothing like a new pair of running shoes! Especially when they’re a pretty color. 🙂

Ready for spring training
Spring colors for spring training!

The timing is perfect because training for Goldy’s 10 mile starts on Monday. I’m so excited to get back in the routine of training. I was pretty sure I’d end up going with the Pearl Izumi’s again (which, as you can see, I did), but I tried on a couple other pairs just for good measure. In the end, I decided “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

While I’m excited to lace up the new kicks and start breaking them in, it does make me a little nostalgic to retire my previous pair.

Old shoes when they were new
Old shoes when they were new

These shoes got me through some big races and a lot of training runs. I bought them right before Ragnar Relay this past summer–200 miles, 2 days, 12 people, 2 vans, 3 legs to run, and LOTS of memories!

The whole Lumberjack Heroes team!
The whole Lumberjack Heroes team!

After Ragnar, I was focused on training for my 1st and 2nd half marathons. My 1st half stands out in my mind as a milestone race for me not only because it was my 1st half, but because it fell on my birthday and was a great way to kick off a new year.

Photo credit: Hyedi :)
Photo credit: Hyedi 🙂

My 2nd half is also high on my list of favorite races. It was the Las Vegas Half Marathon and I ran it with Team Challenge. Running down the Las Vegas strip donning the orange Team Challenge singlet and raising funds and awareness for this great organization was an amazing feeling I won’t soon forget. I’ll definitely be back for another Team Challenge race one day!

Finisher photo hi res

With all of the races I’ve already registered for this year, and some that I still plan to sign up for, I know this new pair of shoes will take me to some great places too!

Do you ever get nostalgic when it’s time to retire a pair of shoes?
What are some of your favorite races from this past year?


4 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. Wow … I didn’t know Pearl Izumi made shoes. But then, I just started running and have tons to learn.

    I bike a bit and see the Pearl I’s biking gear all the time … now I know I will look for running stuff 🙂

    Keep having fun on the runs.

    • Thanks! Yea, I hadn’t really heard of the brand before I got the shoes, but they’re great! Definitely check them out.

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