Outdoor Hockey and Other Weekend Fun

Last Friday some friends and I braved the single-digit temperatures to cheer on the Golden Gophers in an outdoor hockey game against Ohio State. It was the 2014 Hockey City Classic and the first outdoor college hockey game in Minnesota in about 80 years.

Hockey City Classic
Hockey City Classic

I was worried I’d be freezing during the game, but I was actually okay for the vast majority of it. I had on LOTS of layers.

Ready for outdoor hockey!
Ready for outdoor hockey!

We didn’t have wind hitting us which helped. My feet were really cold by the third period, but we made it through the whole game. Lots of fun to watch the Gophers play and see them win!

I started my Saturday off with this awesome bowl of fruit and yogurt. I added some  multi-grain cheerios for a little crunch too. A yummy breakfast that I’m going to be making more often.

Fruit and yogurt

Saturday’s workout was 30 minutes on the elliptical. Then I watched Duke play NC State while doing some cleaning and other stuff around my apartment. I’m a huge Duke basketball fan! Chances are if they’re playing I’m watching.

On Saturday night, a few friends and I got together for an old-fashioned slumber party. We hung out in our sweat pants; ate pizza, popcorn, and ice cream; watched Sex and the City; and chatted — perfection. 🙂

Sunday was about relaxing and running. It was sunny and 32 degrees, so I knew I wanted to get outside for my run. The weather was perfect and a good section of the path near me was clear, so I got in a great 5.44 mile run (avg. pace of 10:09). Sounds like the cold temps are coming back, so I’m glad I got to get outside before they arrive.

run 1.19

Then it was an afternoon of football and relaxing. Had to see who’s going to be playing in the Super Bowl! I love watching the Super Bowl. I’m usually watching just as much for the halftime show and commercials as the actual game, but it’s always a great sporting event to watch.

Have you ever watched an outdoor hockey game? Are you excited for the Super Bowl?


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